What’s the best gift you received on Valentine’s Day? No matter the recipient, what really matters is the thought that goes into it. However, despite best intentions and tons of thought (mostly stress), some of us just aren’t that gift-savvy. Romantic gifts can be exceptionally stressful. That’s why we’ve done the stressful part for you. This guide of Top Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Her is full of thoughtful gifts for your partner, friends and family, or something special for yourself!

Top Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Her

What’s the most common gift given on Valentine’s Day? The general consensus seems to be one of these seven things: jewelry, flowers, dinner, greeting cards, wine/chocolates, gift card, or clothing. However, factors such as long dinner waits (and not all of us can cook), allergies (the flowers were so cute though), personal preferences (there are millions of wines), and varying clothing sizes (you really can’t go right on this one) …make the struggle real.

While the perfect gift is different for just about everyone, jewelry trends to be most often a safe bet; especially on Valentine’s Day! Whether her style is a little more laid back, high-fashion, alternative/bohemian, each of these affordable fashion jewelry pieces are a safe bet and a completely thoughtful pick! So, stress a little less about the perfect gift, and a little more about having a fun day with your Valentine!

Romantic Jewelry Gifts

Give her one of these amazing Gifts from the Heart! Perfect for your girlfriend, fiancé, wife, or special someone, each of these picks is gorgeous with a hint of romance!

Morse Code Crystal Bracelet – Love  $14.99
When you can’t find the words to say, this simple, delicate bracelet says it for you! One word says it all in this gorgeous, classy Morse Code Crystal Bracelet. This beautiful crystal embellished piece comes in a gift box and can be worn with just about anything.
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Birthstone Studs Made With Swarovski Crystals  $14.99
Grab their birthstone for a personal thoughtful gift or choose October’s Pink Tourmaline Birthstone Studs or January’s Garnet Birthstone Studs, for a romantic Valentine’s Day color. Each pair comes in a gift box and can be worn as a large sparkly stud or with the outer jacket removed for a small colored crystal stud.
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Birthstone Bar Necklaces  $14.99
Grab their birthstone for a personal thoughtful gift or choose October’s Pink Birthstone Bar or January’s Red Birthstone Bar, for a romantic Valentine’s Day color. Each dainty, but beautiful piece goes well with just about any outfit and has special colored glass crystals and unique traits for the birthstone it represents.
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Love with All Your Heart Scarf  $19.99
While not exactly a jewelry option, we had to include these as Inspirational Mantra Scarves are a #1 bestseller; and this one is has an amazing love-filled message. Show her how complete she makes your life with this scarf that reads “Love with all your heart and life will always be full.”
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*Still don’t have the patience for finding and wrapping the perfect gift? Check out these bestselling jewelry gifts that come right in the gift box; perfect for Valentine’s Day and no wrapping required!

Jewelry Gifts for Friends & Family

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to celebrate the one we love; however there are so many more kinds of love to celebrate than just romantic love! These jewelry gifts for Valentine’s Day, include special picks for your daughter, sister, mom, aunt, bff, girlfriends, and more!

Rainbow Charm Necklace  $19.99
Whether she wants to represent strength, love, luck, or peace; this charm necklace covers it all and makes an adorable Valentine’s gift with its glitzy rainbow heart charm. Charm jewelry makes a cute thoughtful gift for kids and adults! (If you are looking specifically for kids gifts, these cute poof keychains also make cute and affordable options)
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Friendship Bracelet Sets  $9.99
There are friends and there is family, then there are the friends you call family. Show her how much you care with these adorable friendship bracelets; one for you and one for her!
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Jewelry Gifts for You

Don’t ever forget to show how much you care to the #1 person in your life- you! Celebrate your singleness and/or independence with self-love. These jewelry gifts make the best valentine’s day gifts for yourself.

Tree of Life Essential Oil Necklace, Bracelet, or Earrings  $19.99, $19.99, $16.99
A symbol of new beginnings, deep roots, and a higher purpose, the tree of life necklace, bracelet, or ring, all feature a gold tree of life charm and a labradorite gemstone. They are suitable for any occasion and their positive symbolism is a great start to the year!
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Blooming Bracelet – Rose  $19.99
Falling in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness; and this sentimental gift makes the perfect reminder! This elegant Rose Blooming Bracelet gives you a reminder of the most important gift of all; prioritizing you.
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Affordable Fashion Jewelry

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