Birthstone Jewelry For Bridesmaid Gifts Under $20

Birthstone Jewelry For Bridesmaid Gifts Under $20

With peak wedding season starting shortly, many future brides have a lot of important details to remember and planning to take care of. However, nothing makes a wedding more stressful than having to worry about the needs of everyone else too and the growing costs of all the fine details. For example, did you know that the average bride spends $75-$150 on her bridesmaids’ gifts?! Luckily, there are so many fun bridesmaid’s gift options available without having to worry about spending a lot of money or spending time looking/waiting for a monogrammed piece! This is why birthstone jewelry is our top choice for bridesmaid gifts under $20.

Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry makes an easy sentimental gift for bridesmaids, as no monogramming (or trying to find ALL the names) is necessary, however personal preferences for color or birth months can be considered. The best part about birthstone jewelry? It’s a jewelry trend that’s completely timeless, meaning your gift will be appreciated and worn/used for more than just a couple of weeks.

Birthstone Jewelry for Bridesmaids Gifts Under 20

Birthstone Jewelry Options / Bridesmaid Gifts Under $20

Birthstone Bar Necklaces – Choose a color that matches your wedding theme, their favorite color…or the color that represents their birth month. Or, what makes these unique; choose the one with the positive characteristics that you feel they have (which are imprinted on ¾ sides).

Birthstone Stud EarringsBirthstone Studs (made with Swarovski® crystals) – Choose a color that matches your wedding theme, their favorite color…or the color that represents their birth month. (part about jackets)

Birthstone Locket Necklaces – Choose a color that matches your wedding theme, their favorite color…or the color that represents their birth month. *Please note that these are priced slightly higher than $20, but if you join our email list and use your 20% off coupon, they just make the cut.

Birthstone Jewelry Details

Gift your favorite (bracelets & studs already come packaged in a sleek black box) or pair a necklace and bracelet with stud earrings for a complete bridesmaid’s gift: as a full jewelry set.

Each piece is perfect for the bridesmaids that like to live their life in color! Each month contains special colored glass crystals for the birthstone it represents (and the birthstone bar necklaces & bracelets contain birthstone traits): January Garnet, February Amethyst, March Aquamarine, April Clear, May Emerald, June Tanzanite, July Ruby, August Peridot, September Sapphire, October Pink Tourmaline, November Topaz, and December Blue Zircon.

Birthstone Locket Necklaces

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Other Fun Gifts & Bridal Party Wear

Still not sure what to get? Other fun (and glamorous) favorites include: inspirational accessories, stacking jewelry (gift box also included), and essential oil jewelry paired with essential oils.

If you’ve already joined our email list and received your 20% off code; use it to your full advantage. Not only does birthday jewelry make great Bridesmaid’s gifts, but there are many affordable options in terms of jewelry for bridal party wear! Stacking pieces, Druzy earring/necklace set & bracelets include some great options that pair well with a Bridesmaid’s dress, but don’t pull the attention away from it!

Top 3 Girl Power Gifts for Galentine’s Day

Top 3 Girl Power Gifts for Galentine’s Day

Whether they are single or taken, we all know that one person who’s adamant about the fact that Valentine’s Day is a hallmark-made holiday. Maybe that person’s a girlfriend, wife, sister, bff, daughter, or maybe that person is in fact YOU. Either way, we don’t want them left out of the fun 😉. Besides, who says Valentine’s Day has to be full of red hearts, roses, and candy? Let’s embrace the inner feminist / girl power / BOSS babe in all of us! And what better way to do it than a gift for yourself (or for her) that screams girl power?! Find the best one in these Top 3 Girl Power Gifts for Galentine’s Day!

Top 3 Girl Power Gifts for Galentine’s Day

Hustle harder with everyday reminders: for the ultimate girl boss/over achiever.

EAT. PRAY. SLAY. Accessories

A POWERful Galentine’s Day gift for yourself or a friend! If she lives off cold-brewed coffee, words of inspiration, and well calculated goals…this one’s for her. EAT PRAY SLAY accessories provide a daily reminder of just how capable you are. They say that the only one you need to prove yourself to is you and we absolutely agree. That’s just another of the many reasons we love these accessories for Valentine’s Day; many times, the message is hidden – providing just the inspiration YOU need!
Shop the “EAT PRAY SLAY” scarf, bracelets, color-changing mug, journal, and more here.


The perfect Galentine’s Day gift (paired with a bottle of wine of course).

“Motivational” Wine Glasses

…because you can’t drink flowers! You know she’s not really one for sparkly pink hearts and flowers. But who doesn’t love wine?! We can’t speak for her, but we’ve learned well over the years that all you really need is love a bottle of wine! Sparkly, red, white, rose; we don’t discriminate! Whatever her choice in wine, we know that drinking in style always makes for a great night. That’s why these (kind of) “motivational” wine glasses make a spunky and fun Galentine’s Day gift for her, yourself, or for a bunch of friends to enjoy together.
Shop the “Life is Tough My Darling, So Have Another!” wine glass and others here.Wine-Glasses-Funny-Quotes

If you’re on a mission to build an empire and leave a legacy.

“The Future is Female” + Other Side Tie T-shirts

Represent everything you love about women in this “The Future is Female” tee! We just can’t help but feel empowered (and strong, powerful, caring, and intelligent) when sporting this light pink side tie knot t shirt…and we hope you/she feels the same! If this phrase doesn’t make her heart melt, there are plenty of other fun and powerful side tie t-shirt sayings! If hosting Galentine’s Day, there’s a saying for every single unique member of your girl squad. Available in sizes Small-XXL.
Shop the “The Future is Female” side tie t-shirt and other quote tees here.


We hope you’ve found something to make every woman in your life feel empowered this (Gal)Valentine’s Day! If she’s more traditional, make sure to check out our “Gift Giving from the Heart” section for all those sparkly pink hearts and flowers essentials (aka red and jewelry pieces symbolizing love). Also, through Feb 14 only, be sure to take 25% off your feminist finds or any other piece of jewelry using code GIFTSFROMTHEHEART. We hope you find whatever your heart desires this Valentine’s Day errrr Galetine’s Day!

Top Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Her

Top Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Her

What’s the best gift you received on Valentine’s Day? No matter the recipient, what really matters is the thought that goes into it. However, despite best intentions and tons of thought (mostly stress), some of us just aren’t that gift-savvy. Romantic gifts can be exceptionally stressful. That’s why we’ve done the stressful part for you. This guide of Top Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Her is full of thoughtful gifts for your partner, friends and family, or something special for yourself!

Top Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Her

What’s the most common gift given on Valentine’s Day? The general consensus seems to be one of these seven things: jewelry, flowers, dinner, greeting cards, wine/chocolates, gift card, or clothing. However, factors such as long dinner waits (and not all of us can cook), allergies (the flowers were so cute though), personal preferences (there are millions of wines), and varying clothing sizes (you really can’t go right on this one) …make the struggle real.

While the perfect gift is different for just about everyone, jewelry trends to be most often a safe bet; especially on Valentine’s Day! Whether her style is a little more laid back, high-fashion, alternative/bohemian, each of these affordable fashion jewelry pieces are a safe bet and a completely thoughtful pick! So, stress a little less about the perfect gift, and a little more about having a fun day with your Valentine!

Romantic Jewelry Gifts

Give her one of these amazing Gifts from the Heart! Perfect for your girlfriend, fiancé, wife, or special someone, each of these picks is gorgeous with a hint of romance!

Morse Code Crystal Bracelet – Love  $14.99
When you can’t find the words to say, this simple, delicate bracelet says it for you! One word says it all in this gorgeous, classy Morse Code Crystal Bracelet. This beautiful crystal embellished piece comes in a gift box and can be worn with just about anything.
Shop Now

Birthstone Studs Made With Swarovski Crystals  $14.99
Grab their birthstone for a personal thoughtful gift or choose October’s Pink Tourmaline Birthstone Studs or January’s Garnet Birthstone Studs, for a romantic Valentine’s Day color. Each pair comes in a gift box and can be worn as a large sparkly stud or with the outer jacket removed for a small colored crystal stud.
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Birthstone Bar Necklaces  $14.99
Grab their birthstone for a personal thoughtful gift or choose October’s Pink Birthstone Bar or January’s Red Birthstone Bar, for a romantic Valentine’s Day color. Each dainty, but beautiful piece goes well with just about any outfit and has special colored glass crystals and unique traits for the birthstone it represents.
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Love with All Your Heart Scarf  $19.99
While not exactly a jewelry option, we had to include these as Inspirational Mantra Scarves are a #1 bestseller; and this one is has an amazing love-filled message. Show her how complete she makes your life with this scarf that reads “Love with all your heart and life will always be full.”
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*Still don’t have the patience for finding and wrapping the perfect gift? Check out these bestselling jewelry gifts that come right in the gift box; perfect for Valentine’s Day and no wrapping required!

Jewelry Gifts for Friends & Family

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to celebrate the one we love; however there are so many more kinds of love to celebrate than just romantic love! These jewelry gifts for Valentine’s Day, include special picks for your daughter, sister, mom, aunt, bff, girlfriends, and more!

Rainbow Charm Necklace  $19.99
Whether she wants to represent strength, love, luck, or peace; this charm necklace covers it all and makes an adorable Valentine’s gift with its glitzy rainbow heart charm. Charm jewelry makes a cute thoughtful gift for kids and adults! (If you are looking specifically for kids gifts, these cute poof keychains also make cute and affordable options)
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Friendship Bracelet Sets  $9.99
There are friends and there is family, then there are the friends you call family. Show her how much you care with these adorable friendship bracelets; one for you and one for her!
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Jewelry Gifts for You

Don’t ever forget to show how much you care to the #1 person in your life- you! Celebrate your singleness and/or independence with self-love. These jewelry gifts make the best valentine’s day gifts for yourself.

Tree of Life Essential Oil Necklace, Bracelet, or Earrings  $19.99, $19.99, $16.99
A symbol of new beginnings, deep roots, and a higher purpose, the tree of life necklace, bracelet, or ring, all feature a gold tree of life charm and a labradorite gemstone. They are suitable for any occasion and their positive symbolism is a great start to the year!
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Blooming Bracelet – Rose  $19.99
Falling in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness; and this sentimental gift makes the perfect reminder! This elegant Rose Blooming Bracelet gives you a reminder of the most important gift of all; prioritizing you.
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Affordable Fashion Jewelry

Can’t get enough affordable fashion jewelry and other inexpensive gifts? If you haven’t found the perfect gift for her, don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletter at to learn about our featured products and receive a coupon code for 20% off your first purchase; lowering your Valentine’s Day 2020 costs even more!

Trending Jewelry 2020 – 5 Jewelry Trends You Need to Know This Year

Trending Jewelry 2020 – 5 Jewelry Trends You Need to Know This Year

A Happy New Year is in order I believe, sooo Happy New Year!

Right now you’re overwhelmed with trying not to fail on your New Year’s resolutions only a week in, while simultaneously pondering where in the world you’re going to store all your holiday decorations. What IF I said not to pack away all your hot 2019 fashions?

You’re now sitting there thinking, “hmm okay she’s got my attention” I’ll keep reading. Well all you have to read is one more word …


I know in the past we tend to fall into this routine of “starting fresh,” and retiring our most worn and beloved pieces in the new year, but this is 2020. It’s a new decade and with that lets start a new trend and NOT tuck away everything just yet.

This is the first year, in quite a while, where trends from the year prior are not only rolling into the new year they’re thriving. In some cases, these trends did so well they are intensifying, for lack of a better word, so if you weren’t on the bandwagon before, it’s time to hop because the party is just getting started.

Cheers to a new year and these 5 jewelry trends that are roaring into 2020!

Trending Jewelry 2020


This is a trend that even if you haven’t participated in yet, you’ve noticed because lit-er-a-lly you can’t miss it. Yes, if you were wondering that was my sad attempt at a joke.


The versatile thing about this trend is that there is an infinite amount of ways you can style it. From the timeless basic tee to a complex outfit. Make sure you’re sitting down because I’m about the say the unthinkable. Mix patterns with patterns and colors that you’ve been told time and time again clash because duhh .. that’s the trend!

In its essence.

Let me put it this way. Think, “the funkier the better.”

Even our celebrities have endorsed this. Taylor Swift wore a funky pair of clear-green-see- through hoops to her SNL performance and Julia Roberts sported a pair of teal almost flower-like dangles to the British Fashion Awards.

This trend has certainly made its presence.


Now, I want to clarify, before you lose validation in me, that I’m not going to preach about the initial necklace that took over 2k15. You probably had one, your friend probably had one, heck even I had one…and honestly way too many items that were monogrammed that year.

This is NOT what I’m referring to.

More so, I’m referring to the trend of having sophisticated pieces of jewelry that you couldn’t pick up at any store, for any person in your life.

In case I’ve perplexed you, let me redeem myself.

The hint to this trend is that its personalized for YOU, so only YOU, and people YOU choose know the message.

As an outsider all you see is a clean, simple, sleek bracelet but for the person wearing it they see a subtle, but powerful message they carry with themselves all day.

One other way I’ve seen this trend is with a necklace. Basically, same concept here but not Morse Code, back to English.


The benefit to this is you’re actually doing two different things at once, even if you’re not aware of it. Coin pendent necklaces are a hot take right now, so mixing that with a hidden message necklace (with inspirational phrases like “I am strong” and “Let go of what you cannot change”) is a sure-fire way to stay relevant.


This trend brings life-no correction, personality to an outfit in a way that traditional metal can’t.

Stones are dimensional.

Take a moment and look at any piece of stone jewelry. It’s not flat. It has different facets and each is imperfectly perfect. Each tell their own story.


The reason this is up and coming is because it appeals to a broader audience. Whether its fashion or not if “it’s trendy,” some people want nothing to do with it.

Typically, this means the item will be over sold, mass produced in numerous colors and will take over your social media feeds. But this is different. There isn’t one stone that designers are able to chisel into and take what they want. Therefore, no two stones are the same.

This allows those not keen on trends to still partake.

A great reference point for this trend is the Brandon Maxwell Spring 2020 Ready-To-Wear Collection. Looking at photographs from the runway show, it’s evident just how much of a role stones will carry this turn of the decade.

4.      Can you believe all the hoopla?

Two words Jennifer Fisher. Three words Mamma Jamma Hoop.

This is the single pair of earrings alone that started the hoop frenzy. Personally, I love them, but I also recognize the fact that honestly there isn’t anything special about them. Or at least nothing that I haven’t seen before.

Since these blew up designers are running with it and honestly, why not? The hoop is classic, timeless and easy to alter. Think about it. The thickness, sparkles, ridges just one tiny alteration makes it completely different.


Just look at these. Both are “gold hoops,” lightly put. I bet though, you just looking at these is thinking “I’d wear those to the office and those for a date night.” Or maybe you only like one pair. Simply saying they are just gold hoops is insufficient.


This trend is a no-brainer. And even when it isn’t trendy anymore, it’s a classic. So if there’s only one trend you decide to partake in 2020 I definitely think this one is worth investing in.


Did you know you could wear your essential oils? And I don’t mean wear it like perfume. There is jewelry specifically made to hold your essential oil all day and you would never know.

When I first heard about this trend, I was under the impression that the jewelry would stand out, look kind of wonky to be honest. Much to my surprise, the reason I never noticed this before was because you wouldn’t unless you knew. The jewelry looks completely normal, like pieces you and I wear everyday!


Pay extra close attention to each of these pieces. What do they each have in common? All have at least one bead that looks like a mini cheese grater. THIS is what I call the magic bead, but to others it’s known as a “lava bead.” All you have to do is grab your favorite essential oil and put about two drops directly onto the lava bead. And poooof you’re now wearing your essential oils.

The popularity of these oils has slowly taken over the market. We find them in our bath bombs, body lotion and even household cleaners. It didn’t take too long until the integration of jewelry and essential oils was created.

The main part about this trend and why it will be powerful in 2020 is that it’s not age or gender restrictive. Truly anybody, anywhere, can hop on this trend and have zero issues what-so-ever.

Now isn’t that nice to hear? 2019 has come to a close, but we welcome 2020 with open arms and are ahead of the trends. Is it too early to begin guessing what 2021 will bring?

Fashion Holiday Gift Guide – Top 10 Inexpensive Gifts

Fashion Holiday Gift Guide – Top 10 Inexpensive Gifts

If you love fashion and jewelry, you know how quickly finding quality gifts for yourself and other can add up. This is why we’ve assembled the ultimate fashion holiday gift guide full of inexpensive gifts! Each item is under $20, a high trend item, and 100% giftable (unless of course you decide you need to keep it for yourself).

Inexpensive Gifts

These top fashion accessory gift choices are not only great for inexpensive holiday gifts, but also make affordable fashion jewelry for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and more. Whether you’re looking for your wife, mom, sister, friend, grandmother, or more, these are widely loved pieces!

The Fashion Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Love with All Your Heart Scarf$19.99  //  SHOP NOW

Inspirational Mantra Scarves are our #1 holiday bestseller. They make amazing and unique gifts because each scarf sends a unique positive message of motivation and empowerment. This is the top pick because it showcases our bestselling message in beautiful winter colors, provides a personal message, and the deep burgundy color looks amazing as a fashionable accent for everyday wear, Christmas parties, Valentine’s day/date night, etc.

  1. Birthstone Bar Necklace$14.99   //   SHOP NOW

Birthstone bar necklaces make the best special meaningful gift for that special someone that you just can’t figure out what to get. Each dainty, but beautiful piece that goes well with just about any outfit. Each month contains special colored glass crystals and unique traits for the birthstone it represents: January Garnet, February Amethyst, March Aquamarine, April Clear, May Emerald, June Tanzanite, July Ruby, August Peridot, September Sapphire, October Pink Tourmaline, November Topaz, and December Blue Zircon. When in doubt, grab their birthstone!

  1. Morse Code Crystal Bracelet$14.99  //  SHOP NOW

This bracelet makes our list because, nothing speaks holidays like a powerful message! One word says it all in these gorgeous, classy Morse Code Crystal Bracelets. Whether they like to show their love, speak to their faith, overcome their obstacles, or stay positive; one of the four Morse Code messages is sure to speak to them (LOVE, FAITH, SLAY, or HOPE). Each beautiful crystal embellished piece comes in a gift box, can be worn with just about anything, and makes a great stacking bracelet.

  1. Charm Hoop Earrings$14.99  //  SHOP NOW

Charm hoop earrings are a cute, fun gift pick; and match well with most outfits. They made our top picks due to their versatility! There are currently 20 different designs, so they are a better gift for someone you know a little better. When in doubt, grab the currently trending celestial Moon Charm Hoop Earrings (and matching Celestial Bracelet) or the popular Mermaid Charm Hoop Earrings.

  1. Cat Charm Bracelet$9.99  //  SHOP NOW

Our top selling charm piece, this Cat Charm Bracelet makes the purrrrfect pick for being completely adorable! A great stocking stuffer, white elephant gift, and more, it’s cuteness and versatility are well loved. Great for kids and adults alike.

  1. Birthstone Studs$14.99  //  SHOP NOW

When in doubt, grab their birthstone! Another birthstone pick makes the list for being the ideal pick for the person you don’t know what to get. These sparkly studs come in the same colored crystals as the Birthstone Bar Necklaces (pair with one for a larger gift): January Garnet, February Amethyst, March Aquamarine, April Clear, May Emerald, June Tanzanite, July Ruby, August Peridot, September Sapphire, October Pink Tourmaline, November Topaz, and December Blue Zircon. Wear each as a large sparkly stud, or remove the outer jacket leaving just the small colored crystal stud.

  1. Color-Changing Mantra Mug “Life is Tough” $14.99  //  SHOP NOW

This inspirational mug is the perfect motivational reminder for someone who’s going through a lot but still standing strong! When room temperature, or cold, this mug is solid black with a design of your choosing. But, when filled with a hot beverage of your choice, your mantra magically appears. Seven other Color-Changing Mantra Mugs are also available.

  1. Essential Oil Pyramid Necklace$14.99  //  SHOP NOW

With a dainty pyramid focal piece made from an absorbent lava bead, this essential oil necklace is every fashion-wellness-essential oil lover’s perfect gift. Just add a drop of your favorite essential oil and enjoy the scent throughout the day. For a larger gift, pair with essential oils and/or a lava bead bracelet.

  1. Mantra Tray – “Let Go Of What You Cannot Change”$9.99  //  SHOP NOW

Beautiful things happen when you are inspired! These trays fashioned specially for gifting and/or daily inspiration, make a great decorative piece for anyone who loves jewelry; in this top selling quote. The perfect size for a decorative counter piece, storage of small pieces of jewelry or cosmetics, safekeeping of keys, and more.

  1. Necklace – Gold Mermaid$9.99  //  SHOP NOW

This gift will make waves for those who are a mermaid at heart! Our top selling charm necklace is no surprise, a mermaid. This fun, colorful sparkly piece will bring her everything she loves about the sea. A fun gift for kids and adults; use all six charms or pick your favorite.

Affordable Fashion Jewelry

Can’t get enough affordable fashion jewelry and other inexpensive gifts? If you haven’t found the perfect holiday gift for her, shop the category selections below; containing our top trending gift categories:

Essential Oil Gifts
Gifts of Inspiration/Motivation
Best Thoughtful & EASY Boxed Gifts
Out-Of-This-World (Celestial) Gifts
Charm Jewelry Gifts
Gemstone Jewelry Gifts
Best Fun Gifts (Wine & More)
Best Personal Gifts (Birthstone Jewelry)

Don’t forget! Sign up for our email newsletter on the bottom of this page for a coupon code for 20% off your first purchase to lower your holiday costs even more. *If you’re planning ahead, each item in this fashion holiday gift guide also makes great Valentine’s Day gifts for her!