Birthstones are precious gems astrologically linked to birth months. They each have a special significance that believers in new-age philosophies can influence your life. However, whether you believe in this or not, birthstone necklaces are a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. 

No matter what your thoughts on the matter are, wearing a dainty gem is a wonderful way to express your individuality, boldness, style, and sophistication. Or, if you have friends or family who you know enjoy bold styles, a birthstone necklace makes a perfect birthday gift or Christmas present. 

Still not sold on the idea? Keep reading, and we’ll let you know why these beautiful pieces of jewelry are right for you. 

They Work Great on White 

Have you recently bought a new white shirt that you’re excited to wear? Then a gemstone necklace could be perfect for you. 

White shirts are a staple in many people’s outfits. Unfortunately, without something to accompany them, they can look a little bit bland or empty. With the right necklace, you can turn a white shirt from something forgettable into something gorgeous. 

Birthstones are often deep, rich, full-bodied colors. If you were born in May, your birthstone is emerald. This splash of green could go perfectly with your new white shirt. 

They work well no matter how you choose to wear your white shirt. If you’re a more buttoned-up type, you can wear your birthstone over the shirt, to add depth. However, if you’re a little bolder, and like to wear your shirts open, they work in that context as well. 

They Can Make Black Work As Well

Birthstones are just as good at dressing up black shirts as they are white ones. A black shirt can lend you an air of sophistication, poise maturity, and even mystery. If you wear a birthstone necklace with your black shirt, you can enhance the effects that black naturally has. 

For example, if your birth month is February, your gemstone is amethyst. This purple gemstone is a perfect accent for any dark-themed outfit. Wearing it will be sure to turn heads. 

Just like with white shirts, you can choose to keep your shirt open or closed, based on your desired effect. The birthstone necklace is sure to enhance any look. 

They Remind You of Your Individuality 

Birthstone necklaces don’t just offer you aesthetic benefits, however. Wearing a birthstone is a personal reminder of who you are. Many people enjoy feeling personally connected to the cosmos through astrology; the same is true of birthstones. 

Your birthstone connects you to your birth, and therefore to your entire family. It can offer you a unique sense of comfort in such an unsure and unsteady world. 

This is especially true if you find that the quality of your birthstone applies to you. The birthstone for March is aquamarine, which symbolizes peace and serenity. If you associate yourself with trying to bring peace and balance to other people’s worlds, it could be good to wear your birthstone. 

They’re Good Conversation Pieces

A conversation piece is an article of clothing that will spark up a conversation with a stranger. They’re great to wear to networking events or places you might go to try to meet a romantic partner. 

Whereas most conversation pieces are superficial, your birthstone relates back to who you are. If you want to spark up a meaningful conversation with a stranger about the cosmos, philosophy, life, love, and adventure, wear your birthstone. 

Someone would most likely be thrilled to find out what their birthstone is if they don’t know it already. Become familiar with all of them, so you can fill this information in for them. This is especially useful if you’re into astrology, and want to meet strangers who are also interested in astrology. 

They Connect You To the Cosmos

If you believe in horoscopes, astrology, and other new-world philosophies, birthstones are a must-buy. The month you are born has special significance to those who believe in astrology, since it corresponds directly to the ways that the stars and planets are aligned. From there, you can calculate your sun sign, moon sign, and everything else. 

Your birthstone will deepen your connection to these beliefs since it’s directly tied to the month you are born. By wearing your birthstone as a necklace, you’re making a statement to yourself and the world that to you, the month you are born matters. You’re saying that you believe that there are higher forces at play in this world and that you aren’t afraid to acknowledge them. 

They Can Bring You Luck 

Believers in astrology know that keeping your birthstone around you can bring you luck and good fortune. It’s always best to try to stay in line with what the cosmos want. When you wear your birthstone, you’re letting them know that you’re willing to follow whatever your path is. 

If you’re thinking about a gift for a niece or nephew who’s part of Generation Z, you’re in luck. Members of Generation Z are famously into astrology. Picking a birthstone for them is a safe bet for any gift. 

A Birthstone Necklace is a Wonderful Thing

While astrology is gaining in popularity, many people still do not know about birthstones. Wearing a birthstone necklace can bring you many benefits. 

On the aesthetic side of things, they can make an outfit come together. On the practical side of things, they can spark great conversations, and attract people with the same interests. On the spiritual side of things, they might just bring you good luck and good fortune.

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