Have you ever wondered what the symbolism behind your favorite gemstones are? Here’s a complete guide to the symbolism behind gems!

You’ve carefully selected the perfect pieces to show off your unique style, complement your outfits, and of course, make a statement.

From style to color, you’ve put a lot of effort into choosing exactly the right jewelry for every occasion. Did you know there is actually symbolism behind the gems within your bling?

You may love sporting your birthstone, but the gems you wear are actually believed to have metaphysical properties.

Curious what your selections may hold? Here’s your guide to discovering gem symbolism in your favorite pieces.


This beautifully bold red gem is historically known as the stone of kings.

In ancient times, we believed that ruby was the most valuable stone, even surpassing diamonds.

While this stone is associated with gifts of love on Valentine’s day or anniversaries, it brings a feeling of happiness and passion to the wearer.

The ruby can help to balance the heart and promote confidence while removing negative energies from your path. 

This beautiful stone not only encourages joy and courage, it is also linked to the bloodstream and the detoxification of the body.


Historically, opal has been deemed a lucky and magical stone. Its ability to display a variety of colors has given it an air of mystery and a belief that it holds supernatural powers.

While you may recognize this gem as the October birthstone, it actually harnesses an emotional ability to reflect your mood. Because of this, it’s known to intensify the emotions of the wearer.

Greek mythology tells the tale of an opal ring’s ability to grant the wearer invisibility. We may not become invisible while wearing it, but the power of this gem can actually encourage freedom and independence. 

It’s perfect for the creative types as this stone promotes originality and can aid in boosting creative juices.

To feel its magical pull, reach for this stone when you need to release anger and experience its encouragement to express your true self.

Lapiz Lazuli

A unique name for a unique stone. The beautiful blue hues in this stone are so difficult to describe that it was named to match. Lapiz Lazuli has a literal translation to ‘blue stone’.

This stone is the wisdom keeper. It assists the wearer to connect with their authentic self. It’s also associated with mental awareness and intuition.

This beautiful gem allows an opening of the third eye chakra, which is the body’s outlet for intuition and inner wisdom.

Ruby contains the ability to help deepen a connection to self. Look to this gem in moments where others’ thoughts and opinions begin to dominate your own. It’s an excellent tool to encourage an individual to take lead in their own life and reclaim their personal power.


Made up of a variety of quartz, the Greek Gods associated its beautiful color with wine. In fact, they actually believed that wearing this stone would produce a sobering effect and prevent a drunken state.

We don’t recommend testing this theory, however, this gemstone can aid in physical and emotional calming.

Its powerful and protective nature can help reduce stress, balance mood swings, and aid in relieving anxiety. Turn to this stone in times of sadness or grief for emotional support and dissolving negative energy.

Amethyst’s calming effect can help to improve focus and memory and give you a boost of motivation throughout the day. When the day is over, it will also aid in preventing sleepless nights. Not only can it help you sleep sounder, but it can also assist in remembering your dreams.

The physical healing abilities of this stone can help ease headaches and tension. It’s also believed to reduce physical, emotional, and psychological pain. 


An earthy green stone considered sacred to the goddess, Venus.

It’s no surprise that this stone is a symbol of love and romance as it relates to the heart chakra. The Emerald gemstone is known for healing emotional love as well as the physical heart. 

Physically, it can strengthen the heart, eyes, and immune system. Emerald even holds properties for regeneration and recovery.

It’s loving ability aids in healing negative emotions and it also promotes feelings of joy and cleansing. Use this to assist with communication by inspiring truthfulness.

A beautiful symbol of hope. Wear this gem for a reminder to appreciate life’s gifts and live to the fullest.


The bright, happy colors of citrine are anything but deceiving when it comes to this energetic beauty. 

This is the stone of self-confidence.

When wearing this gemstone jewelry, you will experience a beautiful lift of joy, delight, and enthusiasm. Enjoy the beauty while it works its magic to attract wealth and abundance.

This gem is truly a well-rounded wonder. Its emotionally stabilizing properties help relieve depression and fear while revitalizing and stimulating the brain.

Citrine assists with concentration and motivation. You may experience bursts of creativity and self-expression.  

This gem contains the ability to increase blood circulation. It will stimulate digestion and promote a sensation of warmth.


The gem of good fortune.

This versatile little stone has an innate ability to direct energy to exactly where it is needed. It will provide the body with alignment through soothing, healing, recharging, and remotivating.

It provides a feeling of joy and abundance and promotes good health for the wearer. 

The relaxing effects of its energy can release tension and aid in confidently expressing new ideas. With an increase of openness, honesty, and self-control, this gem assists in discovering a sense of self.

With lowered walls, the wearer will find themselves more open and receptive to love from the outside world. 

Topaz comes in variations of blue and yellow, each holding their own specific energetic abilities. Blue topaz promotes truth and clear communication whereas yellow enhances faith and optimism. 

Tiger’s Eye

The deep tones and contrast of this gem have made it quite popular in jewelry settings providing the wearer with a great sense of protection.

Roman soldiers actually used to carry this gem with them when heading into battle for its great protection and good luck.

Tiger’s eye assists in clearing the mind and encourages focus. This mental clarity is helpful in objectively addressing problems and resolving them without involving emotions in the process.

This gem can help the wearer recognize their own needs and eliminate fear and anxiety when moving forward.

Stabilize mood swings and promoting willpower and courage. The wearer can tap into a grounded state and address the day with practicality and grace.


Through the middle ages, Kings and Queens dressed with sapphires as a means to attract wealth and provide them protection. 

Believed to symbolize heaven, this crystal is accurately named the Greek word for blue. 

Another wise stone that encourages concentration and creativity and inspires pure, deep thought. This gem removes unwanted thoughts from the mind and can serve to ease depression and mental tension.

Sapphire often symbolizes new love and commitment. It can increases levels of faithfulness and loyalty in the mind’s awareness. 

Associated with the throat chakra, this stone can be especially helpful to voice deep, meaningful thoughts.

The wearer will experience the beautiful effects of a peaceful mind, serenity, and prosperity. 


Considered the master of healing stones, turquoise boasts a beautiful sea of unique blue shades sure to catch the eye. This gemstone commonly represents friendship and, as such, proves to be a great option when purchasing a friendly gift.

This significant gem is used to detoxify the body and provide purifying energy. This shields negative influence from all aspects of the outside world.

Use this gem to align chakras for a balanced mood and a sense of inner calm. 

Great for depression or exhaustion and shown to reduce the effects of a panic attack. This gem is especially helpful with problem-solving that requires a creative approach. and can assist the wearer in self-realization.  


The international symbol for saying I do!

Diamonds are the most popular used gem when popping the question. Did you know that there are actual energetic connections between this gem and making the lifelong commitment of marriage?

This crystal beauty brings love and clarity to partnerships. It has the power to solidify a bonding relationship. 

Diamond serves as an amplifier in the gem world. It never needs recharging and can enhance other crystals. With this, it will bring strength and endurance to outside energies.

A diamond inforces fearlessness and invincibility. Its powerful abilities can actually clear the wearer’s emotional or mental pain. 

Just as a marriage marks a new chapter, the diamond is symbolic of a new beginning and promotes clarity and enlightenment for the journey ahead.

Incorporating Gem Symbolism

Now you know the deeper meanings behind some of the most popular gems used in jewelry. Take this into consideration when choosing your accessories for the day. 

Perhaps your next purchase will even reflect your energetic needs.

Put your new-found knowledge of gem symbolism to the test. Find the perfect piece to match your style and boost your ability to take on whatever the day may hold.

Now that’s a symbolic style.