Looking for that special touch of “ear”-resistible style?! There are so many gorgeous, stylish earrings out there to choose from: statement earrings, chandelier earrings, cuff earrings, earring jackets, and more! And of course, we offer several of these. However, our most common request lately has been for basic earrings. Everyone wants that one pair of basic stud earrings or simple earrings for daily use. That touch of glam that works with pretty much every outfit in their wardrobe; for completely effortless style.

Maybe you spent months finding the perfect height of heels for your awards ceremony. Or you raided your closet for days to find the cutest outfit for your kid’s dance recital. Maybe you had the perfect dress fitted for the night you think he might pop the question. Or maybe it was just looking for simple outfits to wear to work without requiring too much thinking in the morning. When it comes down to it, you need a simple touch of elegance that doesn’t pull the attention away from your outfit. No matter the situation, a pair of basic stud earrings, classic hoops, or simple drop earrings = an effortless solution.


Now that you’ve found the solution…how do you know which pair works for your needs? Well, let’s get back to the basics together. Simplify your style with the easy guide below! ((Or click here to see our basic stud earring options))

Guide to Basic Stud Earrings & Simple Earrings for Daily Use

Choose earrings for the occasion:

  • Work – opt for smaller studs or hoops that are more on the conservative side. Anything that’s a plain silver, gold, or crystal stud, smaller, or daintier, are ideal picks.
    Top recommendation >> Round Crystal Stud Earrings
  • Formal/night event – select studs or hoops that are classy but have a touch of sparkle or a geometric shape.
    Top recommendations >> Asymmetric Heart Stud Earrings or Crystal Square Drop Earrings.
  • Day event/time with kids – choose studs that are fun and playful and may spark conversation without getting in the way of being active!
    Top recommendations >> Ladybug Stud Earrings

Choose earrings that are flattering on you:

  • Based on your hair color – if you are a brunette avoid browns and darker warm colors, if you are blonde avoid whites, and if you are a redhead avoid reds or oranges. Any cute colors will work as long as they don’t blend in!
  • Dependent on your skin tone – cooler skin tones look good in red, purple, and blue and warmer skin tones look good in yellow, orange, and green.
    Top recommendations >> Faceted Tear Drop Earrings (Blue) for cooler skin tones and Lemon Drop Earrings for warmer skin tones.
  • Based on your face shape if you have a long or oval-shaped face, try studs or shorter drop earrings. If you have a square or round face, pendant or drop earrings will help lengthen your face. If you have a heart-shaped face, statement earrings make a great pick. Hoop earrings compliment every face shape.
    Top recommendations >> 1” Basic Hoop Earrings look great on anyone!



Choose earrings that match your outfit:

  • With a busier outfit – less showy earrings will go better with outfits with busy prints, patterns, and built in jewels, while you may want to opt for a flashier earring to jazz up an outfit of mostly solid colors/no prints.
  • Dependent on outfit color/tone – Warm jewelry pairs well with cooler colors; and cool jewelry pairs better with warmer colors.
    Top recommendation >> Glass Flower Stud Earrings for warm color outfits.
  • For a themed outfit – example: pearls and seas tones/beachy colors work great for a summer look!
    Top recommendations >> Pearl Heart Stud Earrings

Choose earrings that follow trends:

  • Theme trends – find your simple earrings based on what everyone’s been talking about online: EVERYTHING mermaids, stars/celestial designs, Mermaid heart tail things, and cats!
  • Design trends – if you are going for a more simplistic pair, find your simple earrings based on design trends. Right now hoops are in!
  • Current seasonal trends & holidays – find your simple earrings based on the time of the year: snowflakes for winter, seashells for summer, etc. Right now, grab some cute hearts!


When in doubt, choose earrings that work for everything!

  • Individual crystals/rhinestones – grab an earring with a small rhinestone stud for the most classic piece you can find!
    Top recommendation >> Gold Square Crystal Stud Earrings
  • Classic studs – opt for a smaller, classic round stud with a rhinestone or plain silver/gold coating to match everything!
    Top recommendation >> Round Crystal Stud Earrings
  • Mini hoops –utilize the class hoop style for your final simple earring that goes with anything imaginable.
    Top recommendation >> Thick Mini Hoop Earrings

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