Adding a motivational mantra to a personal item that you see or carry with you throughout the day, can help keep your spirits and motivation higher. This is why we consider motivational mantras on jewelry, home décor, and apparel, to be one of the most special meaningful gifts you can give this upcoming holiday season. Not only are you gifting something unique, but a reminder for a positive mindset as well. And not a whole lot can carry you much farther than positivity!

Create Special Meaningful Gifts with Motivational Mantras

According to those surveyed in a blog, when respondents were asked what attributes their favorite gifts had, the largest percent chose “they are meaningful.” All of the items in the Laura Janelle Mantra Collection feature a well-known and meaningful “mantra” (quote). The majority of the products are an everyday item and display the mantra somewhere small and/or hidden; making the mantra between you… and you! Each is a special, personal message to be reminded of when you need the extra push; but the gift is even more appreciated when it has an inspirational meaning.

Motivational Mantras – Choosing Yours

Here are some ideas of what each of our best-selling Mantras would make a good gift for:

  • A friend or family member who needs to remember how tough, capable, and amazing they are
  • Someone ready to embark on a new journey, location, new home, etc.
  • A friend or family member thinking about making a major career change, starting a new job, or becoming an entrepreneur
  • Someone that’s going to be competing in a race, competition, or other physically or mentally intensive task that could use some encouragement
  • A new parent or teacher who could use some inspiration
  • Someone struggling with an illness, bad breakup, loss, or other rough patch
  • A gift for yourself to remind you of the mantra that speaks to you

Creating Your Gift

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate mantra for your gift, get started by assessing the person’s style interests. Are they more into stylish fashion/accessories, motivational home décor/everyday items, or gifts with humor?

Mantra Gift Ideas

For the homemaker:

Featured Mantra: Life is Tough My Darling, But So Are You
Suggested Contents (Shown Above): Mantra Phone Ring, Mantra Frame, Magic Mantra Mug, Mantra Jewelry Tray, a candle with a calming scent, a Mantra Greeting Card (assembly shown on right)
Other Fun Things You Could Add: Essential oils & aromatherapy lamp, trinket trays, an inspirational memo board

For the one who loves fashion:

Featured Mantra: Everything Happens for a Reason
Suggested Contents (Shown Above): Mantra Scarf, Hidden Message Necklace, Mantra Ring & Earring Set, Versatile Morse Code Stretch Bracelet, a Mantra Greeting Card
Other Fun Things You Could Add: Nail polish, make-up, essential oils & essential oil jewelry, fold-up flats (for wearing heels out), a cute clutch, a phone camera lens kit (for cute photos), a jewelry tray

For the sarcastic friend:

Featured Mantra: Life is Tough My Darling, So Have Another One
Suggested Contents (Shown Above): (2) Mantra Wine Glasses, mini champagne, wine, or sparkling beverage bottles/cans, a Mantra Greeting Card
Other Fun Things You Could Add: An inspirational tray for serving, wine corkscrew, fun or cute wine charms and stoppers, chocolates, sausage/cheeses, crackers

Happy Gifting!

Haven’t found the Mantra that fits you or your gift? For more products that contain motivational mantras, click here to shop all Mantra products! Or check out our #1 Mantra bestseller – Mantra scarves! Each contains a fun inspirational quote (as a hidden message) such as “I am exactly where I am supposed to be,” “Life is tough my darling, but so are you,” “Let go of what you cannot change,” and more!