A Guide to the Different Types of Jewelry and What You Should Buy

A Guide to the Different Types of Jewelry and What You Should Buy

Do you want to impress your friends with your jewelry but don’t know what to get? Here is a guide to help you pick the best jewelry for you.

Have you ever heard of the phrase diamonds are a girl’s best friend? As it turns out, it’s less true today than yesterday. More people are choosing other alternatives with people getting more frugal and socially-conscious.

That means that if you’re buying jewelry, gold and diamonds shouldn’t be your default option anymore. Learn what other types of jewelry there are to make a more informed decision that makes it worth the money.

Keep on reading to start choosing the best piece of jewelry for you.

1.Types of Jewelry

Before we dive in further, let’s talk first about the most common types of jewelry. Knowing the symbolism and purpose of each kind will help you pick the right one.


A necklace is more than just a trendy accessory that completes an outfit or a look. It symbolizes femininity and charm by accentuating the fine features of the neck. Although it draws attention to the cleavage, it doesn’t denote sexuality at all.


Many people wear bracelets to showcase their personalities. As bracelets can have different materials aside from metal, like rubber and leather, it’s a perfect way to symbolize who we are.

Often, it’s not one of the things we notice first about a person. As such, it’s a nice way to improve a look or denote wealth more subtly.


Your face is usually the first thing someone sees, which is why earrings have a special role to fulfill. They accentuate one’s face and enhance your best features.

Although, you can also use it purely for aesthetic purposes. They can add color and personality to any outfit.


Rings have strong cultural significance all over the world. A ring on the left ring finger has associations with romantic relationships.

That said, there’s no reason not to wear rings on other fingers (or if you wish, on that specific finger). They’re a great way to show your associations, like graduation rings and company rings.

Fashionable rings are also great for completing a trendy look. They draw attention to the hands, as well.

2. Choosing the Metal of the Jewelry

The cost and aesthetics are the two strongest drivers when choosing the metal. However, the type of metal is worth looking into to make sure you buy the perfect one.

The two types of metal we see most often in jewelry are gold and silver. Although, there’s also platinum, titanium, and stainless steel.


Gold further has three subcategories: rose gold, gold, and white gold. The only thing that differs between these three is the color, which is due to the added metal. What you should pay more attention to, though, is the gold karat rating.

24K is the highest karat rating as it denotes pure gold. 22K is the next one with 91.6% gold with the other 8.4% consisting of other metals. 18K has 75% gold, 14K has 58.5% gold, and 10K has 41.5% gold.

The purer the gold jewelry, the more valuable it is. It’s worth noting, though, that gold is a soft and malleable metal, so 24K gold is the most susceptible to deformity. For that reason, 14K and 18K gold are the most preferred options.

Sterling Silver

Silver is a solid choice of metal for jewelry, as well. The more you wear them, the nicer they’ll look, but they’ll need the occasional cleaning to remove tarnish. They’re much cheaper, too.

You should look for the 925 marking, which means it has 92.5% silver with the other 7.5% being metal alloy. Silver is too soft a material, so it must come with other metals to make it stronger.


Platinum is the rarest metal out of the three and the most durable one, too. It’s harder and it doesn’t rust, corrode, or tarnish.

That’s why it’s popular for wedding rings and other jewelry that are appropriate for daily use. That’s also why it’s more expensive than gold.

It’s a great option, too, for those who are allergic to the nickel in gold. Platinum jewelry should have 95% purity with the other 5% being other similar metals in the platinum group, such as iridium, palladium, and ruthenium.


Titanium is another durable choice as it’s non-corrosive. It’s also resistant to sweat, salt, and high temperatures. The metal makes for lighter jewelry, as well.

For these reasons, titanium is the prime choice for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel provides a rugged look and durability. It’s much cheaper than titanium although it’s heavier and has trace amounts of nickel and iron. This may cause an allergic reaction to some people.

3. Different Types of Stone

You can have pure metal jewelry, but a stone can add significance and aesthetic value to it. Let’s take a brief look at the different kinds below.

Precious Stones

Diamond is the most popular gemstone for jewelry, and it’s one of the most expensive, too. It’s the best choice for showing someone you care or adding glitz and glamour to your outfit.

The larger the diamond, the more expensive it is. But, other factors add to its price. The clarity, cut, and color are also important in choosing diamonds.

A huge part of the price tag, however, is due to diamond marketing. Still, some would say the price is worth it for the sole reason of having a piece of diamond jewelry. It helps that diamonds are the strongest material in the whole world.

Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald make up the rest of what we regard as precious stones. As such, they’re more expensive than other types of gemstones.

Semi-Precious Gemstones

The four gemstones above aren’t the only ones you can use to adorn your jewelry. Although they’re called semi-precious, they add a huge appeal to your whole look, too. Furthermore, their meanings and symbolism add a layer of depth.

January babies, for instance, might lean toward their birthstone garnet for their choice of jewelry stone. Those born in September have sapphire as their birthstone.

You can also choose gemstones based on meanings. Amethyst, for example, is a powerhouse stone. Many believe it creates spiritual protection for the wearer.

As another example, Jade has associations with the Earth and nature. As such, it provides nurturing energy that soothes the soul.

Choosing a stone based on meaning can add a huge significance to your jewelry.

Laboratory Stones

Lab-made stones are getting popular today because of how cheap they are when compared to natural stones. Most of them mimic the look of precious stones. This allows the public to access their beauty without paying for a high price.

A good example is crystal jewelry. Another is cubic zirconia, which is a good alternative for diamonds. It has great brilliance that’s comparable to the real ones.

Synthetic ruby and synthetic spinel are also available. They look almost identical to natural ruby and spinel. The average person won’t be able to tell that they’re lab-made.

4. What’s Your Purpose for Buying?

Your purpose of buying will also factor into what type of jewelry, stone, and metal you should buy. Are you getting one as a gift for a special day or to celebrate a unique event? Check out some common reasons below:


Do you want to buy something nice for your loved one to celebrate a special occasion? Then you should look more into the meanings behind the jewelry to find the appropriate one.

Jewelry with a birthstone is a great idea for birthdays. Silver or gold is best for 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries. For engagements, a ring has the greatest impact.

Some other occasions are holidays, graduation, and celebrations of achievements. Consider this when choosing the best type of jewelry.


If you’re going to attend an event and you want to sport your best look, consider your outfit first.

Gold and precious stones would look best at formal events, but remember that less is more. You want to look elegant and polished, so choose minimalist styles with the greatest impact.

In social events, almost anything would look good as long as it plays well into your outfit. However, these might not be the best place for ultra-expensive jewelry pieces.

Everyday Use

You should always consider your skin tone when choosing a piece of jewelry. It’s even more important when you’re choosing one for everyday wear. Classic gold is best for warm skin tones while silver would shine in cool tones.

It also depends on your lifestyle. Are you active? Do you take the subway to work? Do you use your hands a lot at work?

These are important considerations when choosing the type of jewelry and metal.

Confidence Boost

There’s nothing wrong with trying on some jewelry for a boost in confidence. If this is your purpose, then go with what your heart wants. What’s important is that you feel happy and confident wearing it.

Choose the Best Type of Jewelry for You Today

Now that you know the different types of jewelry, metal, and stones, it’s time for you to decide the best piece for your purpose. Don’t hesitate to keep coming back to this guide to get the right type of jewelry with the right stone and metal.

Look through our catalog of jewelry pieces; after all, seeing the perfect piece is better than reading about it. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Jewelry Care: Home Remedies for Cleaning Jewelry

Jewelry Care: Home Remedies for Cleaning Jewelry

Do you own imitation jewelry that desperately needs cleaning? Here’s how you can care for your jewelry without damaging it!

It’s important to keep your favorite jewelry clean so that it stays bright, shiny, and looking new.

With the right care and cleaning, all of your jewelry will look as beautiful as the day you bought it and hold up well to lots of wear.

Read on for some helpful home remedies for cleaning jewelry so that your beloved pieces continue to shine.

Why Your Jewelry Gets Dirty or Tarnished

Whether you’re wearing a real diamond ring with 24K gold or imitation jewelry, sometimes, these items can start to dull or lose their sparkle. Costume jewelry is prone to tarnishing, but it can still be restored to its original glory with some simple home remedies.

So, why does jewelry get dirty, and what causes it to look cloudy or grimy? Prolonged or repeated exposure to hand lotion, skincare products, hand soap, and even water can start to make your favorite jewelry look worse for wear. Cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals can start to wear the finish away.

It may come as a surprise but jewelry that is stored away over a period of time can also become tarnished or dirty. As the materials are exposed to the elements in the air, a chemical reaction can occur, leaving your favorite pieces looking discolored.

Another reason jewelry gets dirty is simply due to lots of wear. This is especially true for rings and necklaces since the oils from our skin can also react to the materials, resulting in a tarnished look. Thankfully, there are plenty of easy home remedies for cleaning jewelry you can try at home to restore your favorite pieces.

Baking Soda, Aluminum Foil, and Salt

This method is an easy way to clean your imitation jewelry, and it only requires a few simple and common household items. Start by gathering all of your jewelry together, then grab some salt, baking soda, aluminum foil, and a pie plate or shallow aluminum bowl.

A bowl or plate made of aluminum is best, but if you don’t have one, you can cover a regular one with aluminum foil with the shiny side up – just make sure it doesn’t tear. Add one tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon of baking soda to your bowl or plate.

Heat one cup of water in the microwave for about two minutes or less. Make sure the water is hot, but not boiling, then pour it into the mixture you added to your bowl. This mixture will create a chemical reaction with the foil and start to bubble.

Stir everything thoroughly until you don’t see any clumps, then wait about one minute to let everything combine thoroughly. Place your jewelry into the mixture.

The combination of salt, baking soda, and water should oxidize all of the tarnish from your jewelry, while the silver from the foil or plate should actually restore any worn-out spots on your silver imitation jewelry. Watch the process closely and remove your jewelry when the tarnish is completely removed.

It may take a few minutes for your jewelry to start looking clean. Everything will begin to look a bit shinier, and silver-toned or silver plated jewelry should begin to be restored. 

When you remove your jewelry from the mixture, dry it off using a soft rag and remove any excess tarnish by gently wiping it away. Any green verdigris buildup can also be wiped away to reveal the shiny material underneath.

Home Remedies for Cleaning Jewelry: Lemon Juice

If you don’t have any baking soda or foil around, you can try this method to clean your imitation jewelry. Start by mixing one part water with one part lemon juice in a small bowl.

Place your jewelry into the mixture and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. The acid from the lemon juice should do a great job of eating all of the grime and gunk away from your jewelry.

If you’re not seeing results, try rinsing your jewelry in clean water, then putting it back into the mixture so the lemon juice can work its magic. This process is a little time consuming, but it’s well worth it if you want your favorite pieces of jewelry to look as good as new.

Once you’re happy with the way your jewelry looks, rinse it off one more time in clean, cool water. Buff your jewelry dry with a soft, clean cloth and you’ll be ready to wear it again.

The Classic Toothbrush Scrub

To get into small nooks and crannies, a soft-bristled toothbrush is a perfect tool to clean your imitation jewelry. You can use the toothbrush to gently scrub between cracks and gemstones.

When you use this method, you can do so with either a gentle soap or toothpaste. Baby soap is great for imitation jewelry since it doesn’t contain a ton of extra chemicals that could cause more harm than good.

If you decide to use toothpaste, use a whitening formula. The gritty texture of the toothpaste will help to scrub tough buildup and grime from the surface of your jewelry.

Start by squeezing a very small amount of toothpaste or a small bit of soap onto the jewelry, and smudge it all over with your finger. Once your jewelry is coated with a thin layer of soap or toothpaste, you can start to gently brush it clean.

Work your toothbrush into the crevices of your jewelry, and avoid scrubbing too hard. After everything looks clean and shiny, simply rinse your jewelry in cool water and buff it dry with a soft, clean cloth. Microfiber cloths are perfect for polishing and drying all types of jewelry.

If you find that some grime still remains in between the cracks, use a cotton swab to remove it. Take your time and work through all of the details in the jewelry until you notice that the dirt has finally been scrubbed and wiped away. Always be gentle with your imitation jewelry since it’s not designed to withstand rough handling or scrubbing.

Restore Shine with Tea Tree Oil and Vinegar

This simple DIY jewelry tip won’t clean gunk and grime from your jewelry, but it will do a great job of helping it shine. Gather some tea tree oil, white vinegar, and a mason jar together before you begin.

Place one-half cup of white or distilled vinegar into the mason jar, then add one small drop of the tea tree oil. Place your jewelry into the jar and put the lid back on.

Let your jewelry soak in this mixture overnight, then remove it and rinse it clean with some cool water. Tea tree oil has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that may help to keep your jewelry cleaner for longer.

This method is great for most forms of imitation jewelry, but it’s not recommended for certain stones. Avoid putting jewelry with pearls, tanzanite, or opals into the mixture as the acidic vinegar can cause them to become damaged. 

Caring for Jewelry the Right Way

The best way to keep your favorite pieces of jewelry looking new is to practice proper care. For starters, remove your jewelry every night and gently wipe it with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth before you put it on the dresser or into your jewelry box.

If you’re going swimming, take your jewelry off before you take a dip. The chlorine in swimming pools and the salt in the ocean can both wreak havoc on the finish of your imitation jewelry.

You should also take all jewelry off before you take a shower. Too much exposure to water can cause jewelry to tarnish, and hot water may cause the glue that holds gemstones in place to melt, which can result in loose or lost stones.

If you need to store your jewelry for a prolonged period of time, consider putting it into a plastic zippered sandwich bag. After you put the jewelry inside, squeeze all of the air out and seal the bag. The lack of oxygen will keep your imitation jewelry from oxidizing so it looks newer, longer.

When cleaning your home or doing dishes, remove your rings and bracelets to protect them from exposure to water and household cleaners. A good rule of thumb is to try and protect your jewelry from water and other substances as often as possible to help your favorite pieces retain their beautiful luster and shine.

Say Hello to Clean, Shiny Jewelry

Whether you use baking soda and aluminum foil or scrub it with a toothbrush, these home remedies for cleaning jewelry will help you maintain your favorite pieces for a long time to come. Remember to take good care of your jewelry and try to prevent it from being exposed to too much water, soap, and chemicals.

With the right care and proper storage, you can cherish and enjoy your imitation jewelry for many years.

To explore our latest selection of beautiful jewelry, visit our website, or contact us today!

Gem Symbolism in Jewelry: What Your Gems Mean

Gem Symbolism in Jewelry: What Your Gems Mean

Have you ever wondered what the symbolism behind your favorite gemstones are? Here’s a complete guide to the symbolism behind gems!

You’ve carefully selected the perfect pieces to show off your unique style, complement your outfits, and of course, make a statement.

From style to color, you’ve put a lot of effort into choosing exactly the right jewelry for every occasion. Did you know there is actually symbolism behind the gems within your bling?

You may love sporting your birthstone, but the gems you wear are actually believed to have metaphysical properties.

Curious what your selections may hold? Here’s your guide to discovering gem symbolism in your favorite pieces.


This beautifully bold red gem is historically known as the stone of kings.

In ancient times, we believed that ruby was the most valuable stone, even surpassing diamonds.

While this stone is associated with gifts of love on Valentine’s day or anniversaries, it brings a feeling of happiness and passion to the wearer.

The ruby can help to balance the heart and promote confidence while removing negative energies from your path. 

This beautiful stone not only encourages joy and courage, it is also linked to the bloodstream and the detoxification of the body.


Historically, opal has been deemed a lucky and magical stone. Its ability to display a variety of colors has given it an air of mystery and a belief that it holds supernatural powers.

While you may recognize this gem as the October birthstone, it actually harnesses an emotional ability to reflect your mood. Because of this, it’s known to intensify the emotions of the wearer.

Greek mythology tells the tale of an opal ring’s ability to grant the wearer invisibility. We may not become invisible while wearing it, but the power of this gem can actually encourage freedom and independence. 

It’s perfect for the creative types as this stone promotes originality and can aid in boosting creative juices.

To feel its magical pull, reach for this stone when you need to release anger and experience its encouragement to express your true self.

Lapiz Lazuli

A unique name for a unique stone. The beautiful blue hues in this stone are so difficult to describe that it was named to match. Lapiz Lazuli has a literal translation to ‘blue stone’.

This stone is the wisdom keeper. It assists the wearer to connect with their authentic self. It’s also associated with mental awareness and intuition.

This beautiful gem allows an opening of the third eye chakra, which is the body’s outlet for intuition and inner wisdom.

Ruby contains the ability to help deepen a connection to self. Look to this gem in moments where others’ thoughts and opinions begin to dominate your own. It’s an excellent tool to encourage an individual to take lead in their own life and reclaim their personal power.


Made up of a variety of quartz, the Greek Gods associated its beautiful color with wine. In fact, they actually believed that wearing this stone would produce a sobering effect and prevent a drunken state.

We don’t recommend testing this theory, however, this gemstone can aid in physical and emotional calming.

Its powerful and protective nature can help reduce stress, balance mood swings, and aid in relieving anxiety. Turn to this stone in times of sadness or grief for emotional support and dissolving negative energy.

Amethyst’s calming effect can help to improve focus and memory and give you a boost of motivation throughout the day. When the day is over, it will also aid in preventing sleepless nights. Not only can it help you sleep sounder, but it can also assist in remembering your dreams.

The physical healing abilities of this stone can help ease headaches and tension. It’s also believed to reduce physical, emotional, and psychological pain. 


An earthy green stone considered sacred to the goddess, Venus.

It’s no surprise that this stone is a symbol of love and romance as it relates to the heart chakra. The Emerald gemstone is known for healing emotional love as well as the physical heart. 

Physically, it can strengthen the heart, eyes, and immune system. Emerald even holds properties for regeneration and recovery.

It’s loving ability aids in healing negative emotions and it also promotes feelings of joy and cleansing. Use this to assist with communication by inspiring truthfulness.

A beautiful symbol of hope. Wear this gem for a reminder to appreciate life’s gifts and live to the fullest.


The bright, happy colors of citrine are anything but deceiving when it comes to this energetic beauty. 

This is the stone of self-confidence.

When wearing this gemstone jewelry, you will experience a beautiful lift of joy, delight, and enthusiasm. Enjoy the beauty while it works its magic to attract wealth and abundance.

This gem is truly a well-rounded wonder. Its emotionally stabilizing properties help relieve depression and fear while revitalizing and stimulating the brain.

Citrine assists with concentration and motivation. You may experience bursts of creativity and self-expression.  

This gem contains the ability to increase blood circulation. It will stimulate digestion and promote a sensation of warmth.


The gem of good fortune.

This versatile little stone has an innate ability to direct energy to exactly where it is needed. It will provide the body with alignment through soothing, healing, recharging, and remotivating.

It provides a feeling of joy and abundance and promotes good health for the wearer. 

The relaxing effects of its energy can release tension and aid in confidently expressing new ideas. With an increase of openness, honesty, and self-control, this gem assists in discovering a sense of self.

With lowered walls, the wearer will find themselves more open and receptive to love from the outside world. 

Topaz comes in variations of blue and yellow, each holding their own specific energetic abilities. Blue topaz promotes truth and clear communication whereas yellow enhances faith and optimism. 

Tiger’s Eye

The deep tones and contrast of this gem have made it quite popular in jewelry settings providing the wearer with a great sense of protection.

Roman soldiers actually used to carry this gem with them when heading into battle for its great protection and good luck.

Tiger’s eye assists in clearing the mind and encourages focus. This mental clarity is helpful in objectively addressing problems and resolving them without involving emotions in the process.

This gem can help the wearer recognize their own needs and eliminate fear and anxiety when moving forward.

Stabilize mood swings and promoting willpower and courage. The wearer can tap into a grounded state and address the day with practicality and grace.


Through the middle ages, Kings and Queens dressed with sapphires as a means to attract wealth and provide them protection. 

Believed to symbolize heaven, this crystal is accurately named the Greek word for blue. 

Another wise stone that encourages concentration and creativity and inspires pure, deep thought. This gem removes unwanted thoughts from the mind and can serve to ease depression and mental tension.

Sapphire often symbolizes new love and commitment. It can increases levels of faithfulness and loyalty in the mind’s awareness. 

Associated with the throat chakra, this stone can be especially helpful to voice deep, meaningful thoughts.

The wearer will experience the beautiful effects of a peaceful mind, serenity, and prosperity. 


Considered the master of healing stones, turquoise boasts a beautiful sea of unique blue shades sure to catch the eye. This gemstone commonly represents friendship and, as such, proves to be a great option when purchasing a friendly gift.

This significant gem is used to detoxify the body and provide purifying energy. This shields negative influence from all aspects of the outside world.

Use this gem to align chakras for a balanced mood and a sense of inner calm. 

Great for depression or exhaustion and shown to reduce the effects of a panic attack. This gem is especially helpful with problem-solving that requires a creative approach. and can assist the wearer in self-realization.  


The international symbol for saying I do!

Diamonds are the most popular used gem when popping the question. Did you know that there are actual energetic connections between this gem and making the lifelong commitment of marriage?

This crystal beauty brings love and clarity to partnerships. It has the power to solidify a bonding relationship. 

Diamond serves as an amplifier in the gem world. It never needs recharging and can enhance other crystals. With this, it will bring strength and endurance to outside energies.

A diamond inforces fearlessness and invincibility. Its powerful abilities can actually clear the wearer’s emotional or mental pain. 

Just as a marriage marks a new chapter, the diamond is symbolic of a new beginning and promotes clarity and enlightenment for the journey ahead.

Incorporating Gem Symbolism

Now you know the deeper meanings behind some of the most popular gems used in jewelry. Take this into consideration when choosing your accessories for the day. 

Perhaps your next purchase will even reflect your energetic needs.

Put your new-found knowledge of gem symbolism to the test. Find the perfect piece to match your style and boost your ability to take on whatever the day may hold.

Now that’s a symbolic style.

Motivational Jewelry Symbols and Meanings

Motivational Jewelry Symbols and Meanings

From its origins back around 1600 BC when Greeks first started using gems to make jewelry, jewelry has been a fun, artistic way to dress up an outfit. For some, however, jewelry means a lot more. Certain symbols used in charms, pendants, and as accents are more than just embellishments. These jewelry symbols and meanings are a powerful means of expression. And they can have a much deeper value to many.

Motivational Jewelry Symbols and Meanings

When selecting your jewelry for a deeper meaning, some symbols mean a lot to others but may not speak to you. It’s important to learn more about classic symbols and find the perfect accessory that expresses your values and intentions. Below are eight of our most popular jewelry symbols and meanings. We hope you learn more and are able to find the perfect icon that speaks to you!


Enlightenment  •  Purity  •  Overcoming Obstacles
The lotus shows us what it means to emerge from murky waters into a beautiful flower. This timeless symbol has had significant meaning in many religions including Buddhism and Hinduism. The lotus flower’s meaning is based on the way it grows in nature. Starting as a bud beneath the (often murky) water’s surface, it eventually grows and emerges in the light as a blooming flower. It often symbolizes overcoming difficulties, spiritual enlightenment, self-realization, purity, rising above, strength, power, and personal progress. This symbol is beautiful on jewelry as a dainty charm such as in this lotus bracelet or as a larger statement such as a blue lotus necklace made with Swarovski® crystals.

*The color of the lotus breaks it into an even deeper meaning: white = purity of mind, pink = perfection/Buddha, red = compassion, blue = knowledge, and gold or yellow = achievement of spiritual enlightenment.


Protection  •  Good Fortune  •  Luck
The name hamsa comes from the five fingers on each hand. In all faiths the hamsa is a protective sign symbolizing the hand of God; rather an overall good luck charm. Happiness, luck, good fortune, and protection (from the Evil Eye) are said to be brought to the owner possessing this symbol. In jewelry, the hamsa works well as an accent piece, even more in simple hamsa stud earrings or these abalone hamsa earrings.

Evil Eye

Protection  •  Health  •  Good Fortune
The evil eye symbol is based on a legend that those who are the recipient of the evil eye’s glare will undergo misfortune. Protection against evil are said to be brought to those wearing it. An extremely popular symbol in jewelry design, pieces like this blue evil eye cuff made with Swarovski crystals or this evil eye charm necklace are sure to keep the negative energy at bay!

Tree of Life

New Beginnings  •  Positive Energy  •  Higher Purpose
The tree of life symbol is known for representing a new beginning, positive energy, growth/strength, immortality, and a higher purpose. Its roots and branches are a reminder that you are connected to the outside world and never alone. This re-enforces the underlying concept of the symbol in its entirety – that all life on Earth is somehow connected.


Meditation  •  Healing  •  Spiritual Guidance
The mandala symbol is an artistic expression symbolizing the universe; mandala’s literal meaning is “circle.” Modern consumers have associated the mandala with a bohemian lifestyle, however, it has been around for a long time as a spiritual symbol. It’s meaning varies from balance, to unity, to harmony. Most importantly, it serves as a representation of the order and connections in the physical and spiritual universe.

How to use: Mandalas should be selected for your person symbol by simply choosing one that appeals to you. Its primary use is then for meditation. An intention should be set and then it should be followed with focusing on the selected mandala. Allow yourself to take the beauty of it and your mind to wander calmly. If/when you mind begins to wander to someplace negative, bring your focus back to the beauty of the mandala.


Soul/Resurrection  •  Transitions  •  Overcoming Difficulties
The butterfly symbol is one of the most common and has been known as a symbol of major life transitions. Whether they are minor changes, difficulties you are overcoming, or major life events…the beautiful fluttering of the butterflies shows the movement from one phase to the next with grace. Many also believe that the butterfly is a symbol sent to comfort and reassure those who have lost loved ones, that their soul lives on. We love pieces like the blue abalone crystal butterfly pendant; to bring a subtle but stunning reminder with us whenever needed.


Stability  •  Trust  •  Security
Some of our most popular requests are for seaside/beach symbols. To many, the ocean represents a free-flowing, laid-back lifestyle and feelings of serenity. The anchor is no exception. Especially in representations like this Anchor Charm Necklace that are paired with other oceanic symbols. In literal meaning, the anchor is used to slow or park a boat; safety/security, trust/confidence, and stability/being grounded.

Cowrie Shell

Good Fortune  •  Fertility  •  Prosperity
Did you know that some of the very first jewelry ever recorded in history was made from shell? The cowrie shell is one of the best-known seaside icons; serving as an iconic symbol for luck, prosperity, and good fortune. It also has been said to provide great luck with fertility, birth, sexuality, and menstruation.

What Gives Meaning and Motivation to You?

Whether it’s a message jewelry piece such as hidden message necklaces, a piece with meaning to its wearer such as birthstone jewelry, or motivational jewelry with symbols and meaning…We encourage you to carry something with you daily to help add a little meaning to every single day!

Ear-resistible Style – Basic Stud Earrings & Simple Earrings for Daily Use

Ear-resistible Style – Basic Stud Earrings & Simple Earrings for Daily Use

Looking for that special touch of “ear”-resistible style?! There are so many gorgeous, stylish earrings out there to choose from: statement earrings, chandelier earrings, cuff earrings, earring jackets, and more! And of course, we offer several of these. However, our most common request lately has been for basic earrings. Everyone wants that one pair of basic stud earrings or simple earrings for daily use. That touch of glam that works with pretty much every outfit in their wardrobe; for completely effortless style.

Maybe you spent months finding the perfect height of heels for your awards ceremony. Or you raided your closet for days to find the cutest outfit for your kid’s dance recital. Maybe you had the perfect dress fitted for the night you think he might pop the question. Or maybe it was just looking for simple outfits to wear to work without requiring too much thinking in the morning. When it comes down to it, you need a simple touch of elegance that doesn’t pull the attention away from your outfit. No matter the situation, a pair of basic stud earrings, classic hoops, or simple drop earrings = an effortless solution.


Now that you’ve found the solution…how do you know which pair works for your needs? Well, let’s get back to the basics together. Simplify your style with the easy guide below! ((Or click here to see our basic stud earring options))

Guide to Basic Stud Earrings & Simple Earrings for Daily Use

Choose earrings for the occasion:

  • Work – opt for smaller studs or hoops that are more on the conservative side. Anything that’s a plain silver, gold, or crystal stud, smaller, or daintier, are ideal picks.
    Top recommendation >> Round Crystal Stud Earrings
  • Formal/night event – select studs or hoops that are classy but have a touch of sparkle or a geometric shape.
    Top recommendations >> Asymmetric Heart Stud Earrings or Crystal Square Drop Earrings.
  • Day event/time with kids – choose studs that are fun and playful and may spark conversation without getting in the way of being active!
    Top recommendations >> Ladybug Stud Earrings

Choose earrings that are flattering on you:

  • Based on your hair color – if you are a brunette avoid browns and darker warm colors, if you are blonde avoid whites, and if you are a redhead avoid reds or oranges. Any cute colors will work as long as they don’t blend in!
  • Dependent on your skin tone – cooler skin tones look good in red, purple, and blue and warmer skin tones look good in yellow, orange, and green.
    Top recommendations >> Faceted Tear Drop Earrings (Blue) for cooler skin tones and Lemon Drop Earrings for warmer skin tones.
  • Based on your face shape if you have a long or oval-shaped face, try studs or shorter drop earrings. If you have a square or round face, pendant or drop earrings will help lengthen your face. If you have a heart-shaped face, statement earrings make a great pick. Hoop earrings compliment every face shape.
    Top recommendations >> 1” Basic Hoop Earrings look great on anyone!



Choose earrings that match your outfit:

  • With a busier outfit – less showy earrings will go better with outfits with busy prints, patterns, and built in jewels, while you may want to opt for a flashier earring to jazz up an outfit of mostly solid colors/no prints.
  • Dependent on outfit color/tone – Warm jewelry pairs well with cooler colors; and cool jewelry pairs better with warmer colors.
    Top recommendation >> Glass Flower Stud Earrings for warm color outfits.
  • For a themed outfit – example: pearls and seas tones/beachy colors work great for a summer look!
    Top recommendations >> Pearl Heart Stud Earrings

Choose earrings that follow trends:

  • Theme trends – find your simple earrings based on what everyone’s been talking about online: EVERYTHING mermaids, stars/celestial designs, Mermaid heart tail things, and cats!
  • Design trends – if you are going for a more simplistic pair, find your simple earrings based on design trends. Right now hoops are in!
  • Current seasonal trends & holidays – find your simple earrings based on the time of the year: snowflakes for winter, seashells for summer, etc. Right now, grab some cute hearts!


When in doubt, choose earrings that work for everything!

  • Individual crystals/rhinestones – grab an earring with a small rhinestone stud for the most classic piece you can find!
    Top recommendation >> Gold Square Crystal Stud Earrings
  • Classic studs – opt for a smaller, classic round stud with a rhinestone or plain silver/gold coating to match everything!
    Top recommendation >> Round Crystal Stud Earrings
  • Mini hoops –utilize the class hoop style for your final simple earring that goes with anything imaginable.
    Top recommendation >> Thick Mini Hoop Earrings

Loving the basic style accents? Simple floral pieces add a stylish touch to your everyday spring style this year! Be sure to check out our basic flower studs earrings, our NEW Blooming Bracelets, our pink flower lanyard and purple flower lanyard, flower charm hoop earnings, flower drop earrings, and more!

The Benefits of Wearing Gemstones

The Benefits of Wearing Gemstones

Did you know that the gemstones used in your jewelry have many acclaimed benefits other than just looking beautiful? Here at Laura Janelle we have many gemstone enthusiasts, so we decided to take a deeper dive into the benefits of wearing gemstones. Gemstone jewelry really makes the perfect pair of fashion and function!

Gemstone Meanings & Powers

Many people that own or wear gemstone/crystal jewelry believe that they hold unique powers and energies in addition to their gorgeous appearance in fashion accessories. Some of the best-known being:

  • Amazonite for harmony; great for balancing emotion and personal growth.
  • Amethyst for its healing and soothing nature; great for meditation and calming the mind.
  • Agate for overall balance; emotional, physical, and intellectual.
  • Aventurine for success/luck and intellectual development.
  • And more!

Learn more about the uses and benefits of your favorite gemstone by signing up for our free eBook here (and receive a coupon code for 20% off your first order):

>> Download your free gemstone eBook >>

The Benefits of Wearing Gemstones

Fashion Benefits of Wearing Gemstones

One of the main reasons real gemstones are some of the most popular fashion accessories around is due to their uniqueness. When real stone is used, not only do you get all of their benefits, but you also get the added benefit of the one of a kind, gorgeous natural cuts and patterns of gemstone; not a single piece is the same! Gemstone necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings also make for surprisingly easy styling. They are well known for the bohemian touch they add to peasant blouses and long tiered skirts, but also work well for:

  • An all-around classic everyday piece
  • To dress up a basic outfit (select the chunkier gemstone pieces)
  • Their unique color to create a theme for your outfit
  • A talked about piece/conversation starter (discuss the benefits of your piece)
  • A formal event (select the daintier gemstone pieces)
  • A personal motivational gift for yourself or a friend (what power/inspiration do you need more of in your life?!)

Most Popular Gemstone Pieces

Gemstone Jewelry

Not sure where to start? Reference the list below for our most popular pieces and their specific recommendations:

  1. Essential Oil Pyramid Stretch Bracelet | Top selling stone: Amazonite
    • Known for: harmony, balance, calm
    • Looks great: with flowy tops and dresses in dark, earthy colors
  2. Boho Stone Wrap Bracelet | Top selling stone: Amethyst
    • Known for: peace, meditation, healing
    • Looks great: for dressing up a basic outfit that is lacking in color
  3. Raw Element Pendant Necklace | Top selling stone: Blue Agate
    • Known for: clarity, focus
    • Looks great: paired with a shorter necklace or choker and a turtleneck or a nicer t-shirt in solid colors.
  4. Rectangle Drop Earrings | Top selling stone: Rose Quartz
    • Known for: love, loving energy, relationships
    • Looks great: paired with lace or ruffled tops, preferred in white, light blue, pink, or floral patterns.
  5. Raw Elements Statement Ring | Top selling stone: Blue Agate
    • Known for: clarity, focus
    • Looks great: with anything (tip: statement rings are meant to be worn on the right hand; ring or middle finger).

Healing Gemstone Jewelry?

The Benefits of Wearing GemstonesDo you think gemstones have had therapeutic benefits for you? Or do you just wear your jewelry for the bohemian vibes it gives your outfit? Are there any other gemstones you’d like to see? We want to know! Make sure to leave a comment below or reach out to us on social media @shoplaurajanelle.

Don’t forget, to learn more about the uses and benefits of your favorite gemstone, download our free gemstone eBook now.