Valentine Gift Ideas for Her: Why You Should Buy Imitation Jewelry

Valentine Gift Ideas for Her: Why You Should Buy Imitation Jewelry

Imitation jewelry is a beautiful but inexpensive way to show that special woman in your life how you feel. Discover Valentine gift ideas for her within.

Americans spend approximately $27.4 billion on Valentine’s Day, with at least $5.8 billion going to jewelry.

Men spend three times as much as women to appease their partners, but their efforts are often in vain. 43 million Americans get an unwanted gift for Valentine’s Day.

Any man could struggle when shopping for the perfect gift for his girlfriend. Finding Valentine gift ideas for her is difficult when there are so many options available to choose from.

Jewelry is one of the best options, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Imitation jewelry creates accurate, beautiful replicas that make perfect gifts.

The more information you have, the less likely you are to give an unwanted gift. Read our Valentine gift ideas to learn what your options are and why imitation jewelry is a perfect choice.

Choosing Jewelry

When Valentine’s day comes and you want to treat your significant other, you may look to what others buy for ideas for gifts for her. Seven of the most popular gifts for Valentine’s day are jewelry, flowers, special meals, greeting cards, wine and chocolate, gift cards, and clothes.

Jewelry is one of the most popular options. It’s a personalized, beautiful accessory a woman can wear anywhere. This is only the case if the man chooses the right piece, though, because it will sit unused if they don’t.

When choosing jewelry, there are several factors to keep in mind to avoid purchasing an unwanted Valentine’s day present. Consider the color, stone, and personal significance.


Each color of jewelry has a unique significance. They also tend to complement certain styles and colors your loved one wears.

Purple compliments almost all skin tones and clothing styles. It also draws attention to natural beauty and creates a regal air.

Blue adds to a formal or business look, making it perfect for a date night. It also represents trustworthiness and loyalty in relationships.

Green comes in a variety of shades, as there are several different green gemstones to choose from. It creates a calming aura and stands out against contrasting dark colors such as blacks and browns.

Red is an eye-catching color that compliments white or dark grey outfits. It represents passion and love, making it a great choice for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Pink is a delicate but versatile color that doesn’t clash with any outfit. It represents harmony and support in relationships, but it’s also a great choice for non-romantic gifts because it represents friendship as well.

Combining colors is one way to provide more than one of these benefits. Try adding multiple stones of various colors, multiple-colored bands, and other elements.

Most women also have a favorite color, and adding it to your loved one’s piece is a great way to personalize it for them. Also, make sure the colors you choose don’t clash with their skin tone or favorite outfits.


The stone is one of the most important choices you can make when picking a piece of jewelry for your loved one. It’s the focal point of the piece, the area where their eyes and the eyes of all onlookers will go.

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you choose a personalized, beautiful stone is to choose your loved one’s birthstone. Choose the one for the month they were born and place it in the center of the piece.

There is a specifically designated birthstone for each month of the year., each with its own unique color and significance. They are, in order:

  • Red garnet for January
  • Purple amethyst for February
  • Aquamarine for March
  • Diamond for April
  • Green emerald for May
  • Pearl for June
  • Red ruby for July
  • Peridot for August
  • Blue sapphire for September
  • Opal for October
  • Citrine for November
  • Turquoise for December

Birthstones are a beautiful way to commemorate your loved one. They create a dazzling focal point for the piece, have bright, eye-catching colors, and represent more than a specific month.

There is a wide range of other stone options as well if you don’t want to choose your loved one’s birthstone or if they prefer a different option. Choose the size, color, and type that best fits your loved one’s preferences.

Personalized Pieces

The key to giving a great Valentine’s Day present is to ensure that it has as much personal significance as possible. The more it means to the recipient, the better, which makes personalized jewelry a wonderful option.

Try creating a piece of jewelry with a hidden morse code message that your loved one can look back on whenever they like. It can say whatever you want it to, creating a personal piece your loved one can treasure for years.

You could also create a design based on a meaningful aspect of your relationship. Choose a significant location such as where you met or proposed. Pick an image that means a lot to your loved one.

Creating a personalized piece of jewelry is the perfect way to create a unique piece that no one else has. Your loved one will appreciate the effort you put into it.

As long as you keep these important factors in mind, you can give a piece of jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift that your loved one will treasure for years to come. Choose the right color, stone, and design to add emotional significance.

It’s also easy to create a jewelry piece without emptying your wallet. There are beautiful options that look like they’re worth more than you’ve spent. This makes them the perfect gift for anyone, especially a Valentine’s Day buyer on a budget.

Imitation Jewelry

Jewelry is the most popular Valentine’s day gift, but not everyone can afford the genuine article. Some of these presents may be imitation jewelry, a replica made to look like more expensive genuine precious stones.

The imitation jewelry market will be worth $40.6 billion by 2022, and its popularity continues to increase as shoppers see how much of an effective, affordable option it is. It’s a viable alternative to more expensive jewelry options.

Don’t cross this valuable option off your list of gift ideas. The idea that it looks fake or low-quality is a common misconception and only happens if you choose the wrong provider.


Imitation jewelry has several advantages when compared to more traditional options. It’s affordable, durable, easy to fix, comes in plenty of options, and is easy to wear with any outfit.

Imitation jewelry provides the look and feel of expensive stones for significantly less money. Only jewelry experts can tell that they are imitations, but your loved one and typical passerby won’t notice the difference.

Imitation jewelry is made with several layers of material. This makes them more durable and resistant to damage, scratches, and tarnishing. You’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come.

Imitation jewelry is easier to repair when it begins to tarnish and fade. It’s simple and affordable to fix or replace the stones and metal to make the piece look like or even better than new.

Imitation jewelry is diverse and offers replicas of almost any gem or type of jewelry you can think of. This includes rings, necklaces, and earrings with any stones or designs your loved one wants.

Imitation jewelry is versatile enough to wear to any occasion. This includes anything from a fancy Valentine’s day dinner to a casual day in. They also complement almost any outfit.

These benefits and more make imitation jewelry just as meaningful and worthwhile as a Valentine’s Day gift as any other type. They make your loved one feel pampered without forcing you to spend a ridiculous amount of money.

Where to Find It

Imitation jewelry is a rapidly growing sector of the jewelry market thanks to its cost savings and the numerous other benefits it provides. This makes it easier to find than ever.

Not all providers are created equally, and you must choose carefully and do your research before making a purchase. Find images of or testimonials about their past work to ensure their pieces are high-quality.

You should also be sure that you find a provider that has the type of piece your loved one wants. If they don’t have the stone, shape, or fit you need, move on to somewhere else.

Finding Valentine Gift Ideas for Her

Jewelry is one of the most common Valentine’s Day gifts, but choose carefully before you buy it. Consider the type, color, stones, and personal significance. Doing so allows you to create the perfect piece.

Imitation jewelry provides several benefits and is just as beautiful and romantic as the real thing. It’s affordable, durable, replaceable, diverse, and versatile. It’s a worthwhile gift idea for any loved one.

If you’re still looking for Valentine gift ideas for her, you need to find a place with plenty of options. We have a wide range of personalized, meaningful gifts your loved one can adore for years to come.

We can help you choose from our array of options. Contact us today for more tips on how to choose the perfect gift for your loved one.

How to Accessorize: How to Pick Jewelry to Match Any Outfit

How to Accessorize: How to Pick Jewelry to Match Any Outfit

Any fashionable outfit needs accessories to make it complete, but how can you decide? Here are some tips to keep you stylish!

Jewelry is essential to a finished outfit. Properly picked, jewelry can bring an entire outfit together, complementing the color and style. But the wrong jewelry can ruin an otherwise beautiful look.

Bad jewelry can make a simple outfit look clumsy. It can turn your work attire unprofessional. And when you dress up for events, your stunning cocktail dress can look unpolished when paired with the wrong pieces.

That’s why it’s important to learn how to accessorize. You shouldn’t spend the time to put together an outfit that will turn heads only to have it ruined by the wrong jewelry. Not to worry, learning the right way to accessorize is a simple feat.

Here’s how to pick your jewelry for any outfit.

Think of the Occasion

Like any outfit you pick out, you’ll want to consider the occasion when you’re picking out your jewelry. There are some pieces that are too dressed down for formal events and some pieces that are far too extravagant for every day.

When matching your jewelry, the occasion will determine which pieces you pick out. If you’re dressing up for an event like a wedding, cocktail party, or date night, pieces that are elegant and formal are the go-to. Think lavish jewels in classic styles.

Everyday outfits call for jewelry that’s a little less fancy. This is where you can play with different trends and experiment with styles. A laid back outfit with jeans and a tee can handle much more playful jewelry types.

Start With Color Scheme

One of the easiest ways to pair your jewelry with your outfit is to do so in a color scheme. Use the color wheel to find interesting pairs that might make you step out of the box. Color theory will help you create harmonious outfits with visual interest.

There are six basic techniques to create a color scheme using the color wheel. Complementary, analogous, triadic, split-complementary, tetradic, and square are the color schemes you can build your look with.

Along with the color scheme, consider hue and saturation as something you should match as well. If your outfit features muted tones, jewelry with the same saturation and hue would be a compliment rather than jewelry in vivid jewel tones.

Complement the Neckline

When it comes to necklaces, you’ll want to pay attention to the style of your neckline on tops and dresses. Ideally, these two will play off each other without one overshadowing the other.

The wrong necklace clashing with your neckline can create a dissonance that throws off the entire look. In general, it’s best to take cues from the shape of the neckline and let the jewelry follow that.

As a rule of thumb, your necklace should stop a few inches above where your neckline starts. Longer necklaces look best with necklines that aren’t complicated with a lot of details and features. The more skin you show, the more complex your necklace can be.

Define The Style

The way you define your clothing style can also be applied to your jewelry. If there’s a certain aesthetic you like to follow, that can make buying jewelry a whole lot easier. So how do you define the way you dress?

Are your clothes edgy with lots of black and leather? Or do you dress more sophisticated with simple lines and clean, polished pieces? Or maybe you like a laid back style with boho influences, wearing lots of jeans and flowing tops.

If you can define the way you dress into descriptive words, it’ll make finding jewelry that matches much easier. Someone with an edgier look may opt for layered necklaces, lots of metal, and bold earrings. While a sophisticated look may use classic pieces.

And if you’re someone who likes to dabble in a ton of different styles, categorizing your jewelry can still help. You’ll have go-to pieces you know work for a certain aesthetic. But when you want to a little wild and mix styles, you’ll still know what pieces to grab.

Keep Skin Tone In Mind

Your skin tone may not be a part of your outfit, but it still plays a part in making one look good. You probably already have colors you don’t like to wear or you don’t think compliment you. Maybe pink washes you out, or orange is too harsh for you.

Apply what you know to your jewelry as well. Just like the color of your clothes can make your skin tone look good, jewelry can compliment you as well.

Cooler skin tones pair well with white, gold, and silver. Jewel tones like red, purple, and blue also compliment cooler tones.

Gold does best with warmer tones and stands out from darker hair. Yellows, oranges, greens are optimal for warm tones.

Neutral skin tones pair well with both gold and silver and most gemstone colors. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear the other. It just means that gold and silver highlight and complement two different tones.

Choose a Focal Piece

To make your outfit look well-thought-out, it’s best to choose a single focal point. Pairing together many bold pieces can make your outfit look rushed and gaudy. And your jewelry can overwhelm your look instead of complement it.

Think of your main jewelry types of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. With each outfit, you should choose one or a maximum of two categories where the jewelry is considered statement pieces.

If you are choosing two statement pieces, it’s best to spread them out. This means you should avoid wearing a pair of statement earrings and a bold necklace. You’ll overwhelm the top portion of your outfit, leaving the bottom feeling unbalanced.

Instead, try a bold pair of earrings with a simple necklace. If you want two pieces, bold earrings are best worn with a larger bracelet and rings. There should be one piece that stands out and other jewelry that complements the focal point.

Balance is Everything

Similar to balancing your statement pieces, you want your jewelry to bring balance to your clothes. This has to do more with the print of your clothes than physically balancing your jewelry.

Think of the details of your outfit. Are there busy prints or a lot of added details? Or are mostly solids and simple patterns?

You’ll want your outfit and jewelry to feel harmonious. Busy prints and lots of details are better complemented by understated jewelry, while an outfit with fewer adornments can benefit from bolder pieces.

That doesn’t mean a bold outfit needs dainty jewelry. You can pair a bold look with bold jewelry if it fits the style and won’t overwhelm the look. Keep in mind colors, textures, and prints when going for bolder outfits.

Play With Weight

Weight doesn’t necessarily mean how much the jewelry weighs in pounds or grams. Rather, it’s the difference between dainty chains and thick metalwork. Playing with jewelry on this spectrum will create interest in your outfits.

The material of your clothing is a good starting point to play with weight. Heavy knitted sweaters and fabrics like wool, tweed, corduroy pair well with dainty jewelry. While lighter fabrics like cotton, chiffon, and nylon can benefit from heavier jewelry.

Don’t be afraid to try different looks or to mix materials and weight. Try a button-down blouse with heavy gemstone-studded jewelry. A simple t-shirt dress pairs well with long, dainty necklaces.

Try to Layer

Layering jewelry is currently on-trend. Mixing necklaces of three different lengths is a great way to play with style while adding texture and weight to your jewelry. A large gemstone along with two dainty chains is great for any everyday look.

Stacking bracelets and rings are also trendy. With bracelets, try adding beading, textures, and colors. And with rings, try different shapes and placements.

Ear stacking and constellation earrings are another way people are layering their jewelry. Earring studs in different shapes and sizes can show off your personality and add a unique flair to your outfit.

Mix and Match

No one wants an outfit that’s one-note. Combat this by mixing the sizes and shapes in your jewelry. Gems, beads, and metal charms can pair together when you keep style and color in mind.

Mix and match the length of your necklaces and the thickness of your bracelets. The key to mixing pieces is to have a common thread. Whether that’s metal, color, or style is up to you.

You can have a look of controlled chaos when you mix your jewelry pieces together. Remember not to overdo it with a ton of jewelry. It’s important to strike the right amount of jewelry for mixing and matching to look best.

How to Accessorize Any Look

Mastering jewelry is something everyone can and should do. The right jewelry can elevate your look, accent your features, and show off your unique style. That’s why it’s worth it to learn how to accessorize your clothes.

With these tips, you can put together outfits that will turn heads every time you wear them. No matter what occasion you’re dressy for, no matter the colors and styles, there’s the perfect piece of jewelry to pair with it. You just have to style it.

Ready to transform your jewelry wardrobe? Check out some of our amazing styles you’re going to love.

Buying Jewelry for Your Girlfriend Here’s Everything You Need

Buying Jewelry for Your Girlfriend Here’s Everything You Need

Buying jewelry for your girlfriend can seem a little overwhelming with all the different sizes, styles, and colors out there.

Which vendors should you purchase from? How do you find something unique and specific to your girlfriend?

Let’s discuss everything you need to know when buying jewelry for your girlfriend!

First, let’s look at what women treasure most.

What Women Treasure Most

Women think beyond design, price, and quality when it comes to jewelry. Your girlfriend is going to read everything into the piece of jewelry you choose for her, so make sure it has a special meaning.

While quality and price may seem like the most important things when deciding on which piece of jewelry to go with, your girlfriend will treasure something that has a deeper meaning that relates to either your personal relationship or something that she values. This value could even include a hobby or a memory of hers.

Handmade Jewelry for Your Girlfriend

One of the best gifts you can give your girlfriend is a piece of handmade art that is one of a kind. You can proudly tell her when she puts it on that it was handmade and that will make her feel like she’s one-in-a-million.

You could even say something sappy along with it like, “you were handmade for me.”

By supporting artists who pour their time, effort, love, and purpose into crafting these individualized pieces of jewelry, you are not only supporting a small business (rather than large corporate ones), but you are supporting the art of handcrafting, itself.

Colors and Birthstones

Another option to consider is meaning derived from stone colors in jewelry. There are different stones that represent each month of the year, so you can pick a piece of jewelry that has the stone representing the month in which your girlfriend was born.

Here is a list of birthstones and their coinciding months:

January = Red Garnet Stone

July = Red Ruby

February = Purple Amethyst

August = Peridot

March = Aquamarine Stone

September = Blue Sapphire

April = Diamond

October = Opal

May = Green Emerald

November = Citrine

June = Pearl

December = Turquoise

Typically, diamonds represent commitment in a relationship and are used as the stone in a ring for marriage.

One interesting relationship milestone is the 40th wedding anniversary. A Ruby is what is usually given to mark the significance of a relationship on this momentous occasion.

Something else to consider when purchasing jewelry with colored gemstones is picking something that is your girlfriend’s favorite color.

Swarovski crystals are absolutely stunning and come in a plethora of colors. Let’s take a look at a couple!

  • Purple—flatters almost every skin tone and complements many different clothing styles. Purple radiates charm and draws attention to natural beauty.
  • Blue—typically works best with formal wear or business attire. Blue jewelry is said to represent loyalty or trustworthiness in a relationship.
  • Green—there are so many shades! You can choose from shades of emerald, mint, jade, and neon. This color of jewelry is ideal for a nature lover or someone who cherishes calm, serenity, and down-to-earth quality traits. Typically green gemstones best complement contrasting outfit colors such as black, white, copper, gold or brown. The green makes a statement when paired with one of these wardrobe colors.
  • Red—this color always seems to catch eyes. Have you ever heard the statistic that cops pull over more red vehicles than any other color? There’s something that makes the color red stand out—it screams to be noticed. Typically, red signifies romance, passion, and love. Jewelry with red stones best complements white or dark gray outfits.
  • Pink—jewelry with pink gemstones is very versatile. Your girlfriend can wear this not only with multiple colors but multiple styles. This feminine, delicate color can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt or with fancy, formal wear. The color pink is said to symbolize harmony, affection, friendship, inner peace, compassion, and encouragement.

Unique Jewelry Options

Another awesome category of jewelry to consider is jewelry with a unique purpose or meaning. There are some really neat pieces out there to signify specific dates, events, promises, or special memories.

Here is a list of some modern, unique pieces we’ve found:

  • Love Note Message Ball Necklace— this sleek, golden orb is a perfect idea to give your girlfriend if she’s not one for a cliché heart locket. You can write her a personalized note to keep inside!
  • Rose Gold Mini Heart Necklace—is delicate and would look perfect around the neck of your girlfriend if she is more into dainty jewelry as opposed to gaudy pieces. Rose gold is a popular, modern color choice as well!
  • Sound Wave Necklace—This is one of my favorite options! You can actually have a favorite sound, like a song, or your laugh, or you saying, “I love you” or something else, recorded and then engraved by laser onto a piece of jewelry!
  • Personal Coordinates—This is another unique option, where, like the sound wave, you can have a necklace laser engraved with personalized coordinates. These coordinates could be the place you met your girlfriend, the first time you said, “I love you,” or anything that holds meaning to your girlfriend.
  • Infinity Necklace—This piece shows your girlfriend you mean business in your relationship. The infinity symbol proves to her that you are soul mates and that your love is infinite.

As Beautiful as She is

When shopping for jewelry for your girlfriend, keep in mind that her mind works differently from yours. Pick out something that is unique especially to her, not just to you.

If you are unsure of her ring size, it’s best to take her to a local jeweler to have her finger measured. Regarding necklace lengths, however, you can judge for yourself if you think she would model a shorter length chain or longer length chain better.

Check out our shop for the perfect options for your girlfriend today.

Birthstone Jewelry For Bridesmaid Gifts Under $20

Birthstone Jewelry For Bridesmaid Gifts Under $20

With peak wedding season starting shortly, many future brides have a lot of important details to remember and planning to take care of. However, nothing makes a wedding more stressful than having to worry about the needs of everyone else too and the growing costs of all the fine details. For example, did you know that the average bride spends $75-$150 on her bridesmaids’ gifts?! Luckily, there are so many fun bridesmaid’s gift options available without having to worry about spending a lot of money or spending time looking/waiting for a monogrammed piece! This is why birthstone jewelry is our top choice for bridesmaid gifts under $20.

Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry makes an easy sentimental gift for bridesmaids, as no monogramming (or trying to find ALL the names) is necessary, however personal preferences for color or birth months can be considered. The best part about birthstone jewelry? It’s a jewelry trend that’s completely timeless, meaning your gift will be appreciated and worn/used for more than just a couple of weeks.

Birthstone Jewelry for Bridesmaids Gifts Under 20

Birthstone Jewelry Options / Bridesmaid Gifts Under $20

Birthstone Bar Necklaces – Choose a color that matches your wedding theme, their favorite color…or the color that represents their birth month. Or, what makes these unique; choose the one with the positive characteristics that you feel they have (which are imprinted on ¾ sides).

Birthstone Stud EarringsBirthstone Studs (made with Swarovski® crystals) – Choose a color that matches your wedding theme, their favorite color…or the color that represents their birth month. (part about jackets)

Birthstone Locket Necklaces – Choose a color that matches your wedding theme, their favorite color…or the color that represents their birth month. *Please note that these are priced slightly higher than $20, but if you join our email list and use your 20% off coupon, they just make the cut.

Birthstone Jewelry Details

Gift your favorite (bracelets & studs already come packaged in a sleek black box) or pair a necklace and bracelet with stud earrings for a complete bridesmaid’s gift: as a full jewelry set.

Each piece is perfect for the bridesmaids that like to live their life in color! Each month contains special colored glass crystals for the birthstone it represents (and the birthstone bar necklaces & bracelets contain birthstone traits): January Garnet, February Amethyst, March Aquamarine, April Clear, May Emerald, June Tanzanite, July Ruby, August Peridot, September Sapphire, October Pink Tourmaline, November Topaz, and December Blue Zircon.

Birthstone Locket Necklaces

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Other Fun Gifts & Bridal Party Wear

Still not sure what to get? Other fun (and glamorous) favorites include: inspirational accessories, stacking jewelry (gift box also included), and essential oil jewelry paired with essential oils.

If you’ve already joined our email list and received your 20% off code; use it to your full advantage. Not only does birthday jewelry make great Bridesmaid’s gifts, but there are many affordable options in terms of jewelry for bridal party wear! Stacking pieces, Druzy earring/necklace set & bracelets include some great options that pair well with a Bridesmaid’s dress, but don’t pull the attention away from it!

Top 3 Girl Power Gifts for Galentine’s Day

Top 3 Girl Power Gifts for Galentine’s Day

Whether they are single or taken, we all know that one person who’s adamant about the fact that Valentine’s Day is a hallmark-made holiday. Maybe that person’s a girlfriend, wife, sister, bff, daughter, or maybe that person is in fact YOU. Either way, we don’t want them left out of the fun 😉. Besides, who says Valentine’s Day has to be full of red hearts, roses, and candy? Let’s embrace the inner feminist / girl power / BOSS babe in all of us! And what better way to do it than a gift for yourself (or for her) that screams girl power?! Find the best one in these Top 3 Girl Power Gifts for Galentine’s Day!

Top 3 Girl Power Gifts for Galentine’s Day

Hustle harder with everyday reminders: for the ultimate girl boss/over achiever.

EAT. PRAY. SLAY. Accessories

A POWERful Galentine’s Day gift for yourself or a friend! If she lives off cold-brewed coffee, words of inspiration, and well calculated goals…this one’s for her. EAT PRAY SLAY accessories provide a daily reminder of just how capable you are. They say that the only one you need to prove yourself to is you and we absolutely agree. That’s just another of the many reasons we love these accessories for Valentine’s Day; many times, the message is hidden – providing just the inspiration YOU need!
Shop the “EAT PRAY SLAY” scarf, bracelets, color-changing mug, journal, and more here.


The perfect Galentine’s Day gift (paired with a bottle of wine of course).

“Motivational” Wine Glasses

…because you can’t drink flowers! You know she’s not really one for sparkly pink hearts and flowers. But who doesn’t love wine?! We can’t speak for her, but we’ve learned well over the years that all you really need is love a bottle of wine! Sparkly, red, white, rose; we don’t discriminate! Whatever her choice in wine, we know that drinking in style always makes for a great night. That’s why these (kind of) “motivational” wine glasses make a spunky and fun Galentine’s Day gift for her, yourself, or for a bunch of friends to enjoy together.
Shop the “Life is Tough My Darling, So Have Another!” wine glass and others here.Wine-Glasses-Funny-Quotes

If you’re on a mission to build an empire and leave a legacy.

“The Future is Female” + Other Side Tie T-shirts

Represent everything you love about women in this “The Future is Female” tee! We just can’t help but feel empowered (and strong, powerful, caring, and intelligent) when sporting this light pink side tie knot t shirt…and we hope you/she feels the same! If this phrase doesn’t make her heart melt, there are plenty of other fun and powerful side tie t-shirt sayings! If hosting Galentine’s Day, there’s a saying for every single unique member of your girl squad. Available in sizes Small-XXL.
Shop the “The Future is Female” side tie t-shirt and other quote tees here.


We hope you’ve found something to make every woman in your life feel empowered this (Gal)Valentine’s Day! If she’s more traditional, make sure to check out our “Gift Giving from the Heart” section for all those sparkly pink hearts and flowers essentials (aka red and jewelry pieces symbolizing love). Also, through Feb 14 only, be sure to take 25% off your feminist finds or any other piece of jewelry using code GIFTSFROMTHEHEART. We hope you find whatever your heart desires this Valentine’s Day errrr Galetine’s Day!

Top Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Her

Top Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Her

What’s the best gift you received on Valentine’s Day? No matter the recipient, what really matters is the thought that goes into it. However, despite best intentions and tons of thought (mostly stress), some of us just aren’t that gift-savvy. Romantic gifts can be exceptionally stressful. That’s why we’ve done the stressful part for you. This guide of Top Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Her is full of thoughtful gifts for your partner, friends and family, or something special for yourself!

Top Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Her

What’s the most common gift given on Valentine’s Day? The general consensus seems to be one of these seven things: jewelry, flowers, dinner, greeting cards, wine/chocolates, gift card, or clothing. However, factors such as long dinner waits (and not all of us can cook), allergies (the flowers were so cute though), personal preferences (there are millions of wines), and varying clothing sizes (you really can’t go right on this one) …make the struggle real.

While the perfect gift is different for just about everyone, jewelry trends to be most often a safe bet; especially on Valentine’s Day! Whether her style is a little more laid back, high-fashion, alternative/bohemian, each of these affordable fashion jewelry pieces are a safe bet and a completely thoughtful pick! So, stress a little less about the perfect gift, and a little more about having a fun day with your Valentine!

Romantic Jewelry Gifts

Give her one of these amazing Gifts from the Heart! Perfect for your girlfriend, fiancé, wife, or special someone, each of these picks is gorgeous with a hint of romance!

Morse Code Crystal Bracelet – Love  $14.99
When you can’t find the words to say, this simple, delicate bracelet says it for you! One word says it all in this gorgeous, classy Morse Code Crystal Bracelet. This beautiful crystal embellished piece comes in a gift box and can be worn with just about anything.
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Birthstone Studs Made With Swarovski Crystals  $14.99
Grab their birthstone for a personal thoughtful gift or choose October’s Pink Tourmaline Birthstone Studs or January’s Garnet Birthstone Studs, for a romantic Valentine’s Day color. Each pair comes in a gift box and can be worn as a large sparkly stud or with the outer jacket removed for a small colored crystal stud.
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Birthstone Bar Necklaces  $14.99
Grab their birthstone for a personal thoughtful gift or choose October’s Pink Birthstone Bar or January’s Red Birthstone Bar, for a romantic Valentine’s Day color. Each dainty, but beautiful piece goes well with just about any outfit and has special colored glass crystals and unique traits for the birthstone it represents.
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Love with All Your Heart Scarf  $19.99
While not exactly a jewelry option, we had to include these as Inspirational Mantra Scarves are a #1 bestseller; and this one is has an amazing love-filled message. Show her how complete she makes your life with this scarf that reads “Love with all your heart and life will always be full.”
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*Still don’t have the patience for finding and wrapping the perfect gift? Check out these bestselling jewelry gifts that come right in the gift box; perfect for Valentine’s Day and no wrapping required!

Jewelry Gifts for Friends & Family

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to celebrate the one we love; however there are so many more kinds of love to celebrate than just romantic love! These jewelry gifts for Valentine’s Day, include special picks for your daughter, sister, mom, aunt, bff, girlfriends, and more!

Rainbow Charm Necklace  $19.99
Whether she wants to represent strength, love, luck, or peace; this charm necklace covers it all and makes an adorable Valentine’s gift with its glitzy rainbow heart charm. Charm jewelry makes a cute thoughtful gift for kids and adults! (If you are looking specifically for kids gifts, these cute poof keychains also make cute and affordable options)
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Friendship Bracelet Sets  $9.99
There are friends and there is family, then there are the friends you call family. Show her how much you care with these adorable friendship bracelets; one for you and one for her!
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Jewelry Gifts for You

Don’t ever forget to show how much you care to the #1 person in your life- you! Celebrate your singleness and/or independence with self-love. These jewelry gifts make the best valentine’s day gifts for yourself.

Tree of Life Essential Oil Necklace, Bracelet, or Earrings  $19.99, $19.99, $16.99
A symbol of new beginnings, deep roots, and a higher purpose, the tree of life necklace, bracelet, or ring, all feature a gold tree of life charm and a labradorite gemstone. They are suitable for any occasion and their positive symbolism is a great start to the year!
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Blooming Bracelet – Rose  $19.99
Falling in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness; and this sentimental gift makes the perfect reminder! This elegant Rose Blooming Bracelet gives you a reminder of the most important gift of all; prioritizing you.
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Affordable Fashion Jewelry

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