Buying jewelry for your girlfriend can seem a little overwhelming with all the different sizes, styles, and colors out there.

Which vendors should you purchase from? How do you find something unique and specific to your girlfriend?

Let’s discuss everything you need to know when buying jewelry for your girlfriend!

First, let’s look at what women treasure most.

What Women Treasure Most

Women think beyond design, price, and quality when it comes to jewelry. Your girlfriend is going to read everything into the piece of jewelry you choose for her, so make sure it has a special meaning.

While quality and price may seem like the most important things when deciding on which piece of jewelry to go with, your girlfriend will treasure something that has a deeper meaning that relates to either your personal relationship or something that she values. This value could even include a hobby or a memory of hers.

Handmade Jewelry for Your Girlfriend

One of the best gifts you can give your girlfriend is a piece of handmade art that is one of a kind. You can proudly tell her when she puts it on that it was handmade and that will make her feel like she’s one-in-a-million.

You could even say something sappy along with it like, “you were handmade for me.”

By supporting artists who pour their time, effort, love, and purpose into crafting these individualized pieces of jewelry, you are not only supporting a small business (rather than large corporate ones), but you are supporting the art of handcrafting, itself.

Colors and Birthstones

Another option to consider is meaning derived from stone colors in jewelry. There are different stones that represent each month of the year, so you can pick a piece of jewelry that has the stone representing the month in which your girlfriend was born.

Here is a list of birthstones and their coinciding months:

January = Red Garnet Stone

July = Red Ruby

February = Purple Amethyst

August = Peridot

March = Aquamarine Stone

September = Blue Sapphire

April = Diamond

October = Opal

May = Green Emerald

November = Citrine

June = Pearl

December = Turquoise

Typically, diamonds represent commitment in a relationship and are used as the stone in a ring for marriage.

One interesting relationship milestone is the 40th wedding anniversary. A Ruby is what is usually given to mark the significance of a relationship on this momentous occasion.

Something else to consider when purchasing jewelry with colored gemstones is picking something that is your girlfriend’s favorite color.

Swarovski crystals are absolutely stunning and come in a plethora of colors. Let’s take a look at a couple!

  • Purple—flatters almost every skin tone and complements many different clothing styles. Purple radiates charm and draws attention to natural beauty.
  • Blue—typically works best with formal wear or business attire. Blue jewelry is said to represent loyalty or trustworthiness in a relationship.
  • Green—there are so many shades! You can choose from shades of emerald, mint, jade, and neon. This color of jewelry is ideal for a nature lover or someone who cherishes calm, serenity, and down-to-earth quality traits. Typically green gemstones best complement contrasting outfit colors such as black, white, copper, gold or brown. The green makes a statement when paired with one of these wardrobe colors.
  • Red—this color always seems to catch eyes. Have you ever heard the statistic that cops pull over more red vehicles than any other color? There’s something that makes the color red stand out—it screams to be noticed. Typically, red signifies romance, passion, and love. Jewelry with red stones best complements white or dark gray outfits.
  • Pink—jewelry with pink gemstones is very versatile. Your girlfriend can wear this not only with multiple colors but multiple styles. This feminine, delicate color can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt or with fancy, formal wear. The color pink is said to symbolize harmony, affection, friendship, inner peace, compassion, and encouragement.

Unique Jewelry Options

Another awesome category of jewelry to consider is jewelry with a unique purpose or meaning. There are some really neat pieces out there to signify specific dates, events, promises, or special memories.

Here is a list of some modern, unique pieces we’ve found:

  • Love Note Message Ball Necklace— this sleek, golden orb is a perfect idea to give your girlfriend if she’s not one for a cliché heart locket. You can write her a personalized note to keep inside!
  • Rose Gold Mini Heart Necklace—is delicate and would look perfect around the neck of your girlfriend if she is more into dainty jewelry as opposed to gaudy pieces. Rose gold is a popular, modern color choice as well!
  • Sound Wave Necklace—This is one of my favorite options! You can actually have a favorite sound, like a song, or your laugh, or you saying, “I love you” or something else, recorded and then engraved by laser onto a piece of jewelry!
  • Personal Coordinates—This is another unique option, where, like the sound wave, you can have a necklace laser engraved with personalized coordinates. These coordinates could be the place you met your girlfriend, the first time you said, “I love you,” or anything that holds meaning to your girlfriend.
  • Infinity Necklace—This piece shows your girlfriend you mean business in your relationship. The infinity symbol proves to her that you are soul mates and that your love is infinite.

As Beautiful as She is

When shopping for jewelry for your girlfriend, keep in mind that her mind works differently from yours. Pick out something that is unique especially to her, not just to you.

If you are unsure of her ring size, it’s best to take her to a local jeweler to have her finger measured. Regarding necklace lengths, however, you can judge for yourself if you think she would model a shorter length chain or longer length chain better.

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