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Opal: 7 Interesting Facts About the October Birthstone
Think about October, and you’re probably thinking about pumpkins and foliage. But the October birthstone should come to mind.  Opal is an incredible gem. It is found in jewelry stores all over the world, yet it takes five million years to produce one centimeter of it. That’s just one fact that showsRead More
Must Have Jewelry: Why You Need a Birthstone Necklace
Birthstones are precious gems astrologically linked to birth months. They each have a special significance that believers in new-age philosophies can influence your life. However, whether you believe in this or not, birthstone necklaces are a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.  No matter what your thoughts on the matter are, wearing aRead More
Summer Jewelry Trends You Should Know About
When it comes to jewelry, the industry is worth $38.23 billion in the United States.  And in the summer months, you can especially showcase your latest pieces and dive deep into the current trends.  And while it may be a luxury to some, it has always been a great way of expressing one’sRead More
3 Things to Consider When Buying Jewelry For a Loved One
Giving jewelry as a gift is always a good idea. Make sure you take into consideration these 3 things before buying jewelry for a loved one. Looking at buying jewelry for someone special? Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or, you’re looking to propose, there are a few things you shouldRead More
Amethyst: 5 Interesting Facts About the February Birthstone
Are you interested in learning more about the February birthstone? Check out this guide for 5 interesting facts about amethyst. Depending on where your amethyst came from, it can cost anywhere from $2 to $10 per carat.  Amethyst is often considered one of the more affordable gemstones, but its beauty goes beyondRead More
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5 Unique and Inexpensive Jewelry Gifts
You don’t have to break the bank to impress someone with the gift of jewelry. Here are five inexpensive jewelry gifts people will love! Jewelry is a fantastic gift for women—they’ll tell you themselves.  Fifty-eight percent of women say they want to receive jewelry as a present. Out of thatRead More
Explore Five New Trends in Fashion Jewelry
What’s hot and what’s not? Let’s look at the five latest trends in fashion jewelry that will enhance your sense of fashion and style! 2020 didn’t give us many opportunities to show off our favorite bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Luckily, 2021 seems to be heading back to normal. With summerRead More
7 Tips on Buying a Jewelry Gift for Your Best Friend
Do you want to show your best friend that you really care? Jewelry is always a loving and thoughtful gift to get someone, especially one of your best friends. Whether it’s for a birthday or just to tell them that you appreciate their friendship, a gorgeous necklace, bracelet, or setRead More
7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Spring Outfit Jewelry
Ahh, yes – the weather is warming up, flowers are blooming, and birds are chirping. It’s time to scour your closet and get your look ready for spring. Before you buy new spring outfit jewelry, there are lots of things to consider to ensure your new jewelry makes your lookRead More
Gem Guides: What’s the Most Valuable Birthstone?
If you’re a big fan of gem guides, you may be asking yourself: what’s the most valuable birthstone? Learn more about birthstones here now! Gifting someone a piece of jewelry that features their birthstone is a thoughtful gift that shows you took the time to think about something that wasRead More
Everything You Should Know About Essential Oil Lava Stones
Are you curious about everything you should know about essential oil lava stones? If yes, we’ve got you covered. Find out why you need a lava stone now! The many metaphysical properties of lava stones have made this gem a treasured find for years. In fact, even in the middle ages, thisRead More
Valentine Gift Ideas for Her: Why You Should Buy Imitation Jewelry
Imitation jewelry is a beautiful but inexpensive way to show that special woman in your life how you feel. Discover Valentine gift ideas for her within. Americans spend approximately $27.4 billion on Valentine’s Day, with at least $5.8 billion going to jewelry. Men spend three times as much as women to appeaseRead More
A Guide to the Different Types of Jewelry and What You Should Buy
Do you want to impress your friends with your jewelry but don’t know what to get? Here is a guide to help you pick the best jewelry for you. Have you ever heard of the phrase diamonds are a girl’s best friend? As it turns out, it’s less true today thanRead More
Jewelry Care: Home Remedies for Cleaning Jewelry
Do you own imitation jewelry that desperately needs cleaning? Here’s how you can care for your jewelry without damaging it! It’s important to keep your favorite jewelry clean so that it stays bright, shiny, and looking new. With the right care and cleaning, all of your jewelry will look asRead More
Gem Symbolism in Jewelry: What Your Gems Mean
Have you ever wondered what the symbolism behind your favorite gemstones are? Here’s a complete guide to the symbolism behind gems! You’ve carefully selected the perfect pieces to show off your unique style, complement your outfits, and of course, make a statement. From style to color, you’ve put a lotRead More
How to Accessorize: How to Pick Jewelry to Match Any Outfit
Any fashionable outfit needs accessories to make it complete, but how can you decide? Here are some tips to keep you stylish! Jewelry is essential to a finished outfit. Properly picked, jewelry can bring an entire outfit together, complementing the color and style. But the wrong jewelry can ruin anRead More
What’s Trending: How to Stay Fashion Forward in 2021
Do you want to stay ahead of the fashion trend in 2021 and beyond? Here are some fashion crazes for this year and how to keep yourself in style! Fashion moves quickly. Trends start and once they’ve trickled down to the masses, they’re no longer in style, and something elseRead More
Buying Jewelry for Your Girlfriend Here’s Everything You Need
Buying jewelry for your girlfriend can seem a little overwhelming with all the different sizes, styles, and colors out there. Which vendors should you purchase from? How do you find something unique and specific to your girlfriend? Let’s discuss everything you need to know when buying jewelry for your girlfriend!Read More
Top 5 Reasons to Get Yourself an Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
We all know essential oils have taken the world over by storm. They’ve proven their worth through therapeutic and wellbeing benefits. Candles, soaps, sprays… they’re all great household uses for essential oils. What if you want your oils on the go? You can’t exactly light a candle while you runRead More
Motivational Jewelry Symbols and Meanings
Motivational Jewelry Symbols and Meanings
From its origins back around 1600 BC when Greeks first started using gems to make jewelry, jewelry has been a fun, artistic way to dress up an outfit. For some, however, jewelry means a lot more. Certain symbols used in charms, pendants, and as accents are more than just embellishments.Read More
Birthstone Jewelry for Bridesmaids Gifts Under 20
Birthstone Jewelry For Bridesmaid Gifts Under $20
With peak wedding season starting shortly, many future brides have a lot of important details to remember and planning to take care of. However, nothing makes a wedding more stressful than having to worry about the needs of everyone else too and the growing costs of all the fine details.Read More
Ear-resistible Style – Basic Stud Earrings & Simple Earrings for Daily Use
Ear-resistible Style – Basic Stud Earrings & Simple Earrings for Daily Use
Looking for that special touch of “ear”-resistible style?! There are so many gorgeous, stylish earrings out there to choose from: statement earrings, chandelier earrings, cuff earrings, earring jackets, and more! And of course, we offer several of these. However, our most common request lately has been for basic earrings. EveryoneRead More
Top 3 Girl Power Gifts for Galentine’s Day
Whether they are single or taken, we all know that one person who’s adamant about the fact that Valentine’s Day is a hallmark-made holiday. Maybe that person’s a girlfriend, wife, sister, bff, daughter, or maybe that person is in fact YOU. Either way, we don’t want them left out ofRead More
Top Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts for Her
Top Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Her
What’s the best gift you received on Valentine’s Day? No matter the recipient, what really matters is the thought that goes into it. However, despite best intentions and tons of thought (mostly stress), some of us just aren’t that gift-savvy. Romantic gifts can be exceptionally stressful. That’s why we’ve doneRead More
Trending Jewelry 2020 – 5 Jewelry Trends You Need to Know This Year
A Happy New Year is in order I believe, sooo Happy New Year! Right now you’re overwhelmed with trying not to fail on your New Year’s resolutions only a week in, while simultaneously pondering where in the world you’re going to store all your holiday decorations. What IF I saidRead More