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Top Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts for Her
Top Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Her
What’s the best gift you received on Valentine’s Day? No matter the recipient, what really matters is the thought that goes into it. However, despite best intentions and tons of thought (mostly stress), some of us just aren’t that gift-savvy. Romantic gifts can be exceptionally stressful. That’s why we’ve doneRead More
Trending Jewelry 2020 – 5 Jewelry Trends You Need to Know This Year
A Happy New Year is in order I believe, sooo Happy New Year! Right now you’re overwhelmed with trying not to fail on your New Year’s resolutions only a week in, while simultaneously pondering where in the world you’re going to store all your holiday decorations. What IF I saidRead More
Fashion Holiday Gift Guide – Top 10 Inexpensive Gifts
If you love fashion and jewelry, you know how quickly finding quality gifts for yourself and other can add up. This is why we’ve assembled the ultimate fashion holiday gift guide full of inexpensive gifts! Each item is under $20, a high trend item, and 100% giftable (unless of courseRead More
Create Special Meaningful Gifts with Motivational Mantras
Adding a motivational mantra to a personal item that you see or carry with you throughout the day, can help keep your spirits and motivation higher. This is why we consider motivational mantras on jewelry, home décor, and apparel, to be one of the most special meaningful gifts you canRead More
The Benefits of Wearing Gemstones
Did you know that the gemstones used in your jewelry have many acclaimed benefits other than just looking beautiful? Here at Laura Janelle we have many gemstone enthusiasts, so we decided to take a deeper dive into the benefits of wearing gemstones. Gemstone jewelry really makes the perfect pair ofRead More
How to Use Lava Stone Beads and Essential Oil Jewelry
How to Use Lava Stone Beads and Essential Oil Jewelry
Essential oil jewelry creates perfectly blurred lines between the worlds of fashion, aromatherapy, and wellness. Whether you desire to add essential oils to your jewelry for their benefits, their scent, or simply for the fact that lava stone beads are unique…One thing’s for sure, essential oil jewelry is a cute,Read More