Are you interested in learning more about the February birthstone? Check out this guide for 5 interesting facts about amethyst.

Depending on where your amethyst came from, it can cost anywhere from $2 to $10 per carat. 

Amethyst is often considered one of the more affordable gemstones, but its beauty goes beyond the price. 

If you were born in February, you may already have a place for amethysts in your heart. 

Continue reading to discover more about your February birthstone and its meaning! 

1. Piece of Inspiration

Amethyst jewelry is one of the perfect birthstone gifts because it is a piece of inspiration.

This gemstone inspires courage and contemplation in people. It is also thought to bring calm energy that helps keep people in control under stress. 

This purple stone was worn by Egyptian soldiers who would go to battle to help them retain courage. This is the perfect stone to wear at your upcoming meeting that you are feeling nervous about! 

2. Find It in South America

Two of the most widely known areas to get amethyst from are Brazil and Uruguay. 

Both of these countries are located along the east coast of South America. This is where you can find an abundance of the gemstone, although it comes from other areas as well.

Another popular area that is producing amethyst is Russia and Siberia. These countries are commercially mined and produce stunning stones. 

3. It Has a Greek Origin

This beautiful purple stone has a Greek origin when you look at the name of it. 

The word “amethystos” is Greek and means “not drunken.” This amethyst was once thought to help ward off drunkenness, which would have been a groundbreaking cure! 

Check out our jewelry selection to find the perfect amethyst to add to your collection. This is the perfect way to show off your February birthstone and keep drunkenness at bay! 

4. Purple Has Significance 

Did you know that purple was once the color worn by royalty?

Royal families wore purple, such as amethysts, for many decades and families continue the trend today. The most powerful rulers and monarchs embraced purple as their color and wore it with beauty. 

The reason that purple is associated with royalty is that the dye signifies power and wealth. It was once a rare color to come across and even more expensive to create. 

5. Leonardo Believes in the Stone

Everyone knows who Leonardo da Vinci is, but do you know that he once praised the use of amethysts?

Leonardo da Vinci believed that amethyst stones could control evil thoughts. Which he hoped would result in more intelligence. This stone was also thought to make men more powerful with business matters. 

Know More About Your February Birthstone

The amethyst stone is more than just purple. It is the February birthstone that has Greek origins and beautiful meaning. 

The jewelry meaning of amethyst stones is linked to courage, power, and wealth over the past couple of centuries. Even Leonardo da Vinci thought that the gemstone was something special and could even control evil. 

There are many ways to show an amethyst stone, and jewelry is the best because you can hold it close to you.