Do you want to impress your friends with your jewelry but don’t know what to get? Here is a guide to help you pick the best jewelry for you.

Have you ever heard of the phrase diamonds are a girl’s best friend? As it turns out, it’s less true today than yesterday. More people are choosing other alternatives with people getting more frugal and socially-conscious.

That means that if you’re buying jewelry, gold and diamonds shouldn’t be your default option anymore. Learn what other types of jewelry there are to make a more informed decision that makes it worth the money.

Keep on reading to start choosing the best piece of jewelry for you.

1.Types of Jewelry

Before we dive in further, let’s talk first about the most common types of jewelry. Knowing the symbolism and purpose of each kind will help you pick the right one.


A necklace is more than just a trendy accessory that completes an outfit or a look. It symbolizes femininity and charm by accentuating the fine features of the neck. Although it draws attention to the cleavage, it doesn’t denote sexuality at all.


Many people wear bracelets to showcase their personalities. As bracelets can have different materials aside from metal, like rubber and leather, it’s a perfect way to symbolize who we are.

Often, it’s not one of the things we notice first about a person. As such, it’s a nice way to improve a look or denote wealth more subtly.


Your face is usually the first thing someone sees, which is why earrings have a special role to fulfill. They accentuate one’s face and enhance your best features.

Although, you can also use it purely for aesthetic purposes. They can add color and personality to any outfit.


Rings have strong cultural significance all over the world. A ring on the left ring finger has associations with romantic relationships.

That said, there’s no reason not to wear rings on other fingers (or if you wish, on that specific finger). They’re a great way to show your associations, like graduation rings and company rings.

Fashionable rings are also great for completing a trendy look. They draw attention to the hands, as well.

2. Choosing the Metal of the Jewelry

The cost and aesthetics are the two strongest drivers when choosing the metal. However, the type of metal is worth looking into to make sure you buy the perfect one.

The two types of metal we see most often in jewelry are gold and silver. Although, there’s also platinum, titanium, and stainless steel.


Gold further has three subcategories: rose gold, gold, and white gold. The only thing that differs between these three is the color, which is due to the added metal. What you should pay more attention to, though, is the gold karat rating.

24K is the highest karat rating as it denotes pure gold. 22K is the next one with 91.6% gold with the other 8.4% consisting of other metals. 18K has 75% gold, 14K has 58.5% gold, and 10K has 41.5% gold.

The purer the gold jewelry, the more valuable it is. It’s worth noting, though, that gold is a soft and malleable metal, so 24K gold is the most susceptible to deformity. For that reason, 14K and 18K gold are the most preferred options.

Sterling Silver

Silver is a solid choice of metal for jewelry, as well. The more you wear them, the nicer they’ll look, but they’ll need the occasional cleaning to remove tarnish. They’re much cheaper, too.

You should look for the 925 marking, which means it has 92.5% silver with the other 7.5% being metal alloy. Silver is too soft a material, so it must come with other metals to make it stronger.


Platinum is the rarest metal out of the three and the most durable one, too. It’s harder and it doesn’t rust, corrode, or tarnish.

That’s why it’s popular for wedding rings and other jewelry that are appropriate for daily use. That’s also why it’s more expensive than gold.

It’s a great option, too, for those who are allergic to the nickel in gold. Platinum jewelry should have 95% purity with the other 5% being other similar metals in the platinum group, such as iridium, palladium, and ruthenium.


Titanium is another durable choice as it’s non-corrosive. It’s also resistant to sweat, salt, and high temperatures. The metal makes for lighter jewelry, as well.

For these reasons, titanium is the prime choice for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel provides a rugged look and durability. It’s much cheaper than titanium although it’s heavier and has trace amounts of nickel and iron. This may cause an allergic reaction to some people.

3. Different Types of Stone

You can have pure metal jewelry, but a stone can add significance and aesthetic value to it. Let’s take a brief look at the different kinds below.

Precious Stones

Diamond is the most popular gemstone for jewelry, and it’s one of the most expensive, too. It’s the best choice for showing someone you care or adding glitz and glamour to your outfit.

The larger the diamond, the more expensive it is. But, other factors add to its price. The clarity, cut, and color are also important in choosing diamonds.

A huge part of the price tag, however, is due to diamond marketing. Still, some would say the price is worth it for the sole reason of having a piece of diamond jewelry. It helps that diamonds are the strongest material in the whole world.

Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald make up the rest of what we regard as precious stones. As such, they’re more expensive than other types of gemstones.

Semi-Precious Gemstones

The four gemstones above aren’t the only ones you can use to adorn your jewelry. Although they’re called semi-precious, they add a huge appeal to your whole look, too. Furthermore, their meanings and symbolism add a layer of depth.

January babies, for instance, might lean toward their birthstone garnet for their choice of jewelry stone. Those born in September have sapphire as their birthstone.

You can also choose gemstones based on meanings. Amethyst, for example, is a powerhouse stone. Many believe it creates spiritual protection for the wearer.

As another example, Jade has associations with the Earth and nature. As such, it provides nurturing energy that soothes the soul.

Choosing a stone based on meaning can add a huge significance to your jewelry.

Laboratory Stones

Lab-made stones are getting popular today because of how cheap they are when compared to natural stones. Most of them mimic the look of precious stones. This allows the public to access their beauty without paying for a high price.

A good example is crystal jewelry. Another is cubic zirconia, which is a good alternative for diamonds. It has great brilliance that’s comparable to the real ones.

Synthetic ruby and synthetic spinel are also available. They look almost identical to natural ruby and spinel. The average person won’t be able to tell that they’re lab-made.

4. What’s Your Purpose for Buying?

Your purpose of buying will also factor into what type of jewelry, stone, and metal you should buy. Are you getting one as a gift for a special day or to celebrate a unique event? Check out some common reasons below:


Do you want to buy something nice for your loved one to celebrate a special occasion? Then you should look more into the meanings behind the jewelry to find the appropriate one.

Jewelry with a birthstone is a great idea for birthdays. Silver or gold is best for 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries. For engagements, a ring has the greatest impact.

Some other occasions are holidays, graduation, and celebrations of achievements. Consider this when choosing the best type of jewelry.


If you’re going to attend an event and you want to sport your best look, consider your outfit first.

Gold and precious stones would look best at formal events, but remember that less is more. You want to look elegant and polished, so choose minimalist styles with the greatest impact.

In social events, almost anything would look good as long as it plays well into your outfit. However, these might not be the best place for ultra-expensive jewelry pieces.

Everyday Use

You should always consider your skin tone when choosing a piece of jewelry. It’s even more important when you’re choosing one for everyday wear. Classic gold is best for warm skin tones while silver would shine in cool tones.

It also depends on your lifestyle. Are you active? Do you take the subway to work? Do you use your hands a lot at work?

These are important considerations when choosing the type of jewelry and metal.

Confidence Boost

There’s nothing wrong with trying on some jewelry for a boost in confidence. If this is your purpose, then go with what your heart wants. What’s important is that you feel happy and confident wearing it.

Choose the Best Type of Jewelry for You Today

Now that you know the different types of jewelry, metal, and stones, it’s time for you to decide the best piece for your purpose. Don’t hesitate to keep coming back to this guide to get the right type of jewelry with the right stone and metal.

Look through our catalog of jewelry pieces; after all, seeing the perfect piece is better than reading about it. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.