You don’t have to break the bank to impress someone with the gift of jewelry. Here are five inexpensive jewelry gifts people will love!

Jewelry is a fantastic gift for women—they’ll tell you themselves

Fifty-eight percent of women say they want to receive jewelry as a present. Out of that 58%, a whopping fifty-seven percent say they prefer earrings. Forty-two percent enjoy necklaces, and 30% prefer bracelets.

It’s clear that no matter the piece of jewelry, it’ll land well with the recipient.

With that in mind, you may have someone you need to buy a gift for in the near future—and you’re considering some inexpensive jewelry in an effort to not break the bank. When you read “inexpensive,” you might assume cheap quality, too, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can get an affordable and meaningful piece of jewelry for the special someone in your life . . . 

Just keep reading to see how.

Young woman looking at the shop showcase and taking jewelry to look at it closer

1. Consider an Essential Oil Bracelet for Your Friend That Loves Scents

A new trend in inexpensive (but inspiring) jewelry is essential oil jewelry.

Think of your friend that’s always got a candle going, incense stick burning, or oil diffuser diffusing. The one who loves perfume on their wrists or behind the ears. The one that appreciates a good cologne. 

The odds are high you know who we’re talking about. After all, essential oil users contribute to an astounding $7 billion market.

For that person, consider buying an essential oil bracelet—which not only looks great but allows for close proximity to the wearer’s favorite essential oil. Each bracelet comes with a charm—Evil Eye, compass, cowrie shell, and more—that deliver a specific message, such as good fortune or protection. They also have a black lava stone bead that perfectly absorbs an essential oil of choice.

If your friend doesn’t like bracelets, don’t fret. There are essential oil earrings and necklaces! All of which cover key spots to place a favorite scent—the center of the collarbone, behind the ear, or on the wrist. 

Find bracelets for as little as $24.99 and necklaces or earrings for only $19.99.

2. Get Your BFF a Bracelet (And Yourself One to Complement, Of Course) 

Best friend jewelry never goes out of style.

In fact, there are so many styles that you and your best friend have plenty of options—matching puzzle pieces; two halves of a heart; a lock and key; yin and yang. There are obvious pieces and subtle ones, and you can choose the one that suits your friendship. 

At our shop, we offer complementing bracelets that deliver a specific message: You wear your bracelet and I’ll wear mine / as a reminder that our friendship is one of a kind. With simple but stylish thread and beads, you can wear this piece whether for business or casual, day or night.

Find matching bracelets for as little as $9.99.

3. For the Zodiac Lover, a Talisman of Their Sign or Birthstone 

What’s more unique than a gift that honors your loved one’s specific time of birth? It doesn’t get much more unique than that. 

For that friend who’s into astrology, horoscopes, Zodiac signs, and birthstones, this jewelry satisfies all. If you’ve ever been asked, “What’s your rising sign?” or, “What’s your moon sign?”, then you can guarantee they’ll have some type of memorabilia that honors it, or they’ll love to have long-winded conversations about your time of birth (some say it reveals a lot about a person).

For that someone, consider a necklace that honors their rising sign—Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, and so on.

Find it for as little as $29.99.

4. What’s the Word? Try a Bracelet With a Mantra 

The meaning of mantras transcends language. Mantras are more than just a word—peacecalmlovehopefaithom—although they’re that, too.

What are mantras, then?

They’re “sound vibration[s] through which we mindfully focus our thoughts, our feelings, and our highest intention.” Additionally, chanting, repeating, or thinking about your mantra often can even have therapeutic benefits, according to scientists. They help our minds feel free from mindless chatter and background noise, allowing the nervous system to calm down and relax.

There’s something to be said about the power of mantras—which brings us to another unique and affordable jewelry gift.

mantra bracelet can serve your loved one in several ways. Not only is it a stylish adornment, but it serves as a constant reminder of how tuning into oneself in the midst of chaos, movement, and sound, is only one word away. What’s more special than that?

Find bracelets for as little as $24.99.

5. Say a Little Prayer . . . With a Bracelet

Finally, consider a prayer bracelet for that person in your life who appreciates what the power of prayer does for them.

If you’ve got a friend, relative, or spouse who prays before every meal, before special occasions, or as well wishes—then this is the perfect way to honor that religion or spirituality. Prayer bracelets, like mantra bracelets, serve as reminders of what’s nearby: faith, love, a friend.

Find them for only $9.99!

Inexpensive Jewelry Delivers the Same Inspirational Message at a Reasonable Price

Buying someone jewelry for their birthday, graduation, or anniversary is a no-brainer—but maybe people get thrown off by the associated costs. 

You don’t have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to impress your friend, family, or loved one. Our inexpensive jewelry highlights unique things about its wearer, telling a priceless story. With high quality, too, you know you’re in the right place. 

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