Gem Guides: What’s the Most Valuable Birthstone?

Gem Guides: What’s the Most Valuable Birthstone?

If you’re a big fan of gem guides, you may be asking yourself: what’s the most valuable birthstone? Learn more about birthstones here now!

Gifting someone a piece of jewelry that features their birthstone is a thoughtful gift that shows you took the time to think about something that was personal to them. 

Have you ever thought about what the most valuable birthstone is? You may think that diamonds, April’s birthstone, are at the top of that list, but is that really the case?

Value can mean a lot of things to people, such as something being worth a lot of money or having a high sentimental value to them. Whatever your definition is, in this guide, we’ll break down each month’s birthstone and let you know the value of each one. 

January – Garnet 

A garnet may look similar in color to a ruby, but its value could not be any more different. Garnets feature hints of earthy tones such as orange mixed in with the bright red. 

Garnets are associated with healing powers, with their name coming from the Latin word for “pomegranate.” It is sometimes used as a protective gem, creating a barrier between the wearer and those who may cause them harm. As pretty as garnets may be, they are one of the least valuable birthstones. 

February – Amethyst

Ever since large amethyst deposits were found in Brazil in the early 1800s, the value of amethyst has declined. Before that, they were considered as precious as rubies, diamonds, and sapphires. More than 5,000 tons of amethyst are mined around the world every year for a variety of purposes. 

It is a form of crystalline quartz and it is thought to bestow wisdom, heal ailments, and protect against poisons. While it is not considered a valuable gem any longer, it is still thought of to be a semi-precious stone. 

March – Aquamarine 

The word aquamarine comes from the Latin word for seawater. Its soft blue color mimics the shades of blue found in the actual ocean. Aquamarine gems are often connected to tranquility and the ability to see into the future. 

Like with amethysts, aquamarine birthstones are to be semi-precious. The stones are available in large sizes and their price is dependent upon the clarity and purity of color. 

April – Diamonds

You would think that diamonds are the most valuable birthstones but that is not the case. Diamonds can be crystal clear or come in various colors. They are often associated with loyalty, love, and fidelity. 

The value of a diamond is dependent upon the cut, how many carats, and the gemstone quality. A tiny speck of a diamond can be worth next to nothing, but if you want one of a substantial size, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. 

May – Emerald 

Emeralds are a source of luck and give the wearer protection against evil beings. There was an entire city made from emerald, after all. Their bright green hue is incredibly striking, making for an exquisite piece of jewelry. 

If you thought emerald was the most valuable birthstone, then you are incorrect. While they are rarer than diamonds, they aren’t the most valuable gem. 

June – Pearl and Alexandrite 

People born in the month of June are lucky to get two birthstones to choose from. Pearls are associated with love and integrity, with the white shade symbolizing purity. 

Alexandrite also comes in a lot of different colors, such as green, blue, pink, and yellow. Crystal healers believe they have healing properties. 

Natural pearls can be expensive and rare, especially if you’re seeking a perfectly symmetrical and round pearl. 

July – Ruby

At long last, we have landed on the most valuable birthstone – the ruby. Rubies convey passion and love. The deep red color of the ruby is thought to preserve life and ward off evil. 

Rubies fetch a higher price in comparison to other stones, such as diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. There are many synthetic replications of the stone, but a pure and genuine ruby that is a decent size is simply the most valuable gemstone out there. 

August – Peridot 

Peridot is another green birthstone, just at a slightly lower price point than an emerald. It’s thought to be a spiritual protector, guarding the wearer against evil intentions and spirits. 

The peridot is a semi-precious stone, with its dollar value starting as low as $25, going on up to over $900. It all depends on the size, color, and quality of the stone. 

September – Sapphire

Sapphires are the epitome of sophistication and elegance, with many members of the royal family wearing wedding rings featuring the blue stone. The stone is associated with increased mental clarity and protection against any negative energy. 

Like with a lot of other birthstones, their monetary value depends a lot on the color, cut, and clarity. Sapphires can run as low as $25/carat or up to $11,000/carat. Sapphires come in a variety of colors, including blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple. 

October – Opal and Tourmaline

October is another lucky month that has two birthstones. Opal comes in a variety of colors, from black to white. The stones also have flecks of silica in them, which gives them that iridescent sheen. 

Tourmaline also comes in multiple colors and is associate with reflection, inner peace, and wisdom. While both stones are beautiful, they don’t hold the same monetary value as others. 

November – Topaz

Topaz comes in a variety of colors, but it is usually shown in its yellow form. It is associated with abundance and wealth. The most valuable color is the golden yellow-orange, with the value increasing as the color grows deeper. 

December – Blue Zircon, Turquoise, and Tanzanite

The idea behind having multiple birthstones is to give purchasers more affordable options to choose from. The vibrant hues of violet to blue give people a variety of stones to choose from. Tanzanite tends to be the most modern of the three since its discovery in 1967 and is also the most valuable. 

Turquoise has been used in cultures for many years and is something that is commonly found in jewelry stores. Turquoise conveys positive energy and harmony. Blue Zircon bestows prosperity and wisdom on the wearer, and can also stimulate a good night’s sleep. 

Which Is the Most Valuable Birthstone?

If we’re looking purely at monetary value, the ruby is the most valuable birthstone. Depending upon your birth month and how important your birthstone is for you, that can create more personal value. Each stone has its own special meaning, making it all the more special. 

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Everything You Should Know About Essential Oil Lava Stones

Everything You Should Know About Essential Oil Lava Stones

Are you curious about everything you should know about essential oil lava stones? If yes, we’ve got you covered. Find out why you need a lava stone now!

The many metaphysical properties of lava stones have made this gem a treasured find for years. In fact, even in the middle ages, this stone was considered the king of gems.  

Since then, essential oil lava stones have become a staple piece in the jewelry cabinets of women all over the world. From necklaces to earrings, these beautiful pieces are quickly becoming a must-have for both fashion and wellness. 

So what is it about essential oil lava stones that make them so special? Follow along to discover everything you need to know about the lava stone essential oil diffuser elements in your jewelry and why they should be a part of your everyday accessories. 

What Are Essential Oil Lava Stones?

Essential oil lava stones are actually one of the oldest stones known to man. These little beads are formed when volcanic molten makes contact with the cool earth. When the volcano erupts, this molten then cools down and hardens to a porous, black stone. 

Because this stone is formed from the depths of the earth, its believed to be incredibly grounding for the wearer. In fact, when sporting this gem, you may experience feelings of calm, connection with mother earth, and even a clearer, less fluttery mind. 

The stone comes in all shapes and sizes, making it the perfect addition to any piece of jewelry. 

How Do They Work?

As we mentioned above, this stone is unique for its porous nature. Without any influence from the outside world, the stone contains many small ‘holes’ on the surface. This sets it apart from the smooth appearance of most other gemstone beads. 

These holes make it easy to absorb and diffuse essential oils for long periods of time. 

To use your lava stone essential oil jewelry, simply choose your favorite essential oil and apply 1-2 drops directly to the stone. Use your fingers to massage the oil into the stone for better absorption and diffusing time. 

You can also use an essential oil roller to ‘roll’ the oil onto the stone and infuse it with the beautiful aroma of the oil. Let the stone absorb the oils for around two minutes before wearing. 

Throughout the day, the oil slowly escapes the pores of the lava stone. This allows you to experience the fragrance of the oil meeting your skin as well as the powerful benefits each oil holds. 

Lava Stone Essential Oil Jewelry Benefits

Picking up a piece of lava stone essential oil jewelry is a great way to stay up to date with the latest trends. But did you know there are actually incredible benefits to choosing jewelry with lava stones?

From your essential oil necklace lava stone to the diffuser bracelet you love to wear, your jewelry is much more than a stylish accessory. 

Perfume Replacement

We all love to smell fresh and fabulous when we set out for the day. Unfortunately, those synthetic fragrances are packed with over 4000 sneaky chemicals that aren’t listed on any perfume label.  These chemicals and toxins can cause serious health problems ranging from headaches to endocrine disruption. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the simple pleasure of smelling great. Essential oils are a safe, natural alternative for the sweet aroma of perfume. With so many plant, flower, and tree-based oils, you’ll find an oil that perfectly matches your unique personality in no time. 

The lava stone essential oil diffuser will continue to release your fragrance long after application. This means you can smell fresh and floral all day long. 

Bug Repellant

Are you on a journey to cut out harmful toxins and chemicals from your daily life? It’s no surprise that perfume isn’t the only chemically enhanced substance we spritz on our skin. Bug spray is one of the most difficult toxins to ditch as oftentimes, the alternative to the stinky spray is being eaten alive by pesky mosquitos. 

That is, until now.

Not only can oils like citronella chase away those nasty bugs, but the aroma is far more pleasant than your deep woods bug repellant. Simply place a few non-invasive drops on your beads and enjoy the great outdoors without the itchy side effects. 

Wellness Diffuser

Beyond a beautiful scent and bug-repelling benefits, essential oils boast a range of emotional and physical support properties. Depending on the oil you choose, you can influence mood, energy levels, and even processes like creativity and forgiveness. 

Introduce a little nurturing self-care into your daily routine by trying essential oils. Use them to calm your nerves, amp you up for a big day, or even help you work through an emotionally difficult time. 

You can take your healing helpers to yoga, work, and everywhere in between to ensure you’ve always got the best supportive tools on your team. 

Metaphysical Benefits

Gemstones are filled with symbolism and metaphysical properties and lava stone is no exception. As you already know, this stone is for grounding, offering strength in the wearer’s connection to mother earth. It provides us with strength and courage in times of change and offers stability through the challenges. 

If you tend to become hot-headed or angry, this stone can help calm your reactions and view the situation with guidance and understanding. 

Amplify Other Gems

By combining the amazing benefits of lava stone and essential oils, you’ll experience an amplification of properties like never before. By pairing your essential oil necklace lava stone with other meaningful gems, you can experience the healing benefits of both the oils and the gemstones in one wear. 

Beyond this, many essential oils have the ability to amplify the effects of your gemstones, helping to cleanse, restore, and energize their properties. 

Pair your lava stone jewelry with your favorite gemstones to experience deeper healing, more supported emotions, and of course, gorgeous style. 

Choose Your Essential Oil Lava Stones

From the formation of this beautiful black stone to the properties and benefits, now you know everything you need to get started on your essential oil lava stones selection. With so many beautiful options to choose from, you’ll be experiencing the aromatic, emotionally supportive benefits of your new jewelry in no time.

Want to get your hands on the best lava stone essential oil jewelry today? Shop our selection of carefully designed and affordable pieces and start your journey to a healthier, happier day.