Did you know that the oldest jewelry is a 100K-year-old bead necklace made out of Nassarius shells? It really shows how this accessory stood the test of time. 

In early societies, jewelry was worn due to its mystical properties: people believed these accessories worked as amulets, helping protect an individual against illness and bad luck. 

Then, by the Middle Ages, the meaning of wearing fashion jewelry changed significantly. The churches and royal family expressed their disapproval of commoners wearing this accessory by implementing Sumptuary Laws. Such laws were meant to suppress opulence and regulate what those in the lower classes would wear.  

Interestingly, the same principle didn’t apply to the nobility, as they believed they had a right to have a special privilege to wear jewelry. 

Nowadays, we all have the freedom to express ourselves through the accessories we wear, whether because it has a symbolic meaning to us or because it’s part of a fashion trend that represents our style. If you want to catch up with the latest fashion jewelry trends, you’re in the right place. Continue to read to find out more. 

1. Inexpensive Jewelry: Chain Belts

There’s no doubt Y2K trends are making a comeback (if you’re into it, now it’s time to get those low-rise jeans out of your closet). So, it’s not surprising to see that inexpensive jewelry-like chain belts are back in fashion. In fact, brands like Blumarine and Acne Studios are embracing the trend.

Don’t know how to wear it? We’ve got you covered! You can do like in the Blumarine catwalk show and wear a chunky butterfly belt, or like in the Acne Studios fashion show and opt for something a bit edgier and wear a gunmetal chain-link accessory.

The best thing about it is how versatile chain belts can be. You can wear it cinched around an oversized t-shirt dress or looped through a pair of trousers. Regardless of how you style it, you can be sure this delicate piece is a ”must” to elevate your look effortlessly. 

2. Bold and Bright Accessories

Sure, it’s still winter, and typically, people are drawn to monochrome looks during this cold season, but adding a pop of color to your outfit with fun accessories (like seed bead earrings and a lava bead bracelet) won’t hurt. 

Do you want to embrace this colorful trend? Then, go for jewelry with bright hues and oversized proportions. Sometimes, all you need is a colorful accessory to break the monotony of your look. 

3. Novelty Jewelry

Brands like Moschino and Balenciaga are reviving a blast from the past: novelty jewelry. Jeremy Scott brought back this trend in his baby-inspired lineup, while Demna reintroduced beaded friendship necklaces with a twist: in a grown-up way. 

Embrace the nostalgia and put on an essential oil lava stones bracelet or some enamel earrings and a friendship necklace, and you’re ready to go.

4. Logomania Is Back

Logomania isn’t the most surprising fad, considering Y2K fashion is incredibly popular in catwalks, celebrities’ wardrobes (such as Olivia Rodrigo, Bella Hadid, and Rihanna), and TikTok videos. Undoubtedly, this trend is broad: it embraces t-shirts, bags, belts, and other accessories. 

More recently, this fashion style made an appearance in the spring ’22 collections of brands like Valentino, Balmain, and Fendi. Do you want to jump on the bandwagon? Then wear some logo earrings with a minimalistic outfit (jeans, ankle boots, blazer) and a ponytail to make them the main focus of your look. 

5. Chokers: The Trending Jewelry

Chokers were pretty popular a few years ago, and celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid couldn’t get enough of them. Now, this beloved necklace is making a comeback. 

There are many ways to wear it: try a dainty tennis necklace with sparkle to add a bit of glam to your outfit. It works wonders with the typical girlie look (high-waisted black skirt, crop top, and heels).

If that doesn’t appeal to you and you mostly wear grunge looks, opt for a black agate rectangle accent choker. Add some high heel combat boots, high-waisted ripped jeans, a band t-shirt, a black belt, and a leather jacket, and you’re ready to go.   

6. Filled With Nostalgia: Bubblegum Bauble Rings

Bubblegum bauble rings are playful, brightly colored, and similar to the ones you’d find in a 90s party bag.

Once you check Maria Grazia Chiuri’s latest jewelry collection at Dior, you’ll see clearly that colorful bauble rings are going to be here for a while. The eye-catching style showed up on the spring ’22 runways, some with 3D silhouettes, others with embellishment.

When it comes to styling bubblegum bauble rings, add some basic earrings. Clothes wise, you can do like Eris Baker and wear it with a colorful, striped jumper or like Bella Hadid and opt for a discreet military jacket. 

7. Embrace a Vintage Style

High couture brands like Versace and Chanel are showing their appreciation for all things vintage in their accessories collections. They’re not the only powerhouse designers doing it, though, so it might be time to embrace the trend. 

From gold-tone drop earrings to brooches and pearl necklaces, there’s definitely something suitable for your style. If you already have a jewel that looks like it is from a consignment store, you’re ready to hop on the trend.  

For a fully vintage style, do like Audrey Hepburn and add a little black dress. It will make your jewelry pop!

8. Y2K Inspired Necklaces

At the moment, fashion is all about expressing our unique personalities, having fun, and empowerment. Luckily, Y2K jewelry can do that. 

Think of alphabet, butterfly, and flower charms. They’ll add a sense of playfulness and Y2K nostalgia to any outfit you’ll wear! As an example, Taylor Swift is often seen wearing a ‘J’ initial necklace (her boyfriends’ name is Joe).

Yet, it’s safe to say that this trend may not appeal to everyone (considering it’s mainly bright and bold). If you’re giving a present to a loved one and you would rather purchase something slightly more discreet but still personalized and fun, birthstone gifts can be a great idea. 

9. Mix Your Metals 

Do you prefer silver or gold? Asymmetry or symmetry? Maximalism or minimalism? Get ready because it’s fashionable to wear anything you like this year.

Last year, there was a neck mess trend, and now, this fad is staying but with a twist: there are no rules. You can mix your metals in a single two-tone piece or layer pieces, whatever you prefer. 

Ultimately, this mix and match approach means you can adopt several styles, from chunky chains to pendants. Keep your outfit simple (a nude or a black top does the trick) to make your mixed accessories stand out. 

10. Personalized Pieces

Whether you’re looking for inspirational gifts to give to yourself or a loved one, you can be sure personalized pieces will work as a conversation starter. You just have to find something that resonates with who you’re gifting. 

If you care about jewelry meaning, think of accessories with zodiac signs, initials, or with a symbol that feels sentimental. For instance, Kate Middleton is sometimes spotted wearing a gold moon-shaped pendant engraved with ”G. L. C”, which is the initials of her three kids, George, Charlotte, and Louis. 

Ultimately, approach it from a Marie Kondo perspective and ask yourself if the piece sparks joy. If so, you know it’s worth buying such a gift.  

11. Chunky Gold Chains 

In the early 2000s, you would see larger-than-life links worn by rappers. Now chunky gold chains are one of the key 2022 jewelry trends. In fact, this bold accessory made an appearance on the runaways at Hermes and Valentino. 

Embrace the boldness of this season and try oversized gold chains. They look great as a statement piece. 

Buy Fashion Jewelry

Now, more than ever, fashion is pushing us to find easy ways to amp up our looks. As shown by the latest fashion month, accessories have the power to do so.

Therefore, whenever you think your look is ”too basic”, grab your fashion jewelry: they can elevate a good outfit to an impressive one with ease.

Ultimately, don’t forget that you probably missed getting dressed in the past few years due to pandemic restrictions. So, make up for the lost time, and don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder, bright, outrageous pieces. After all, fashion is about trying new things and finding what works best for you.

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