Did you know female friendships can increase serotonin and oxytocin in our bodies? It’s one of the reasons why we’re so drawn to girls’ nights and getaways with our girls. 

This hormonal surge can cause women to “tend and befriend.” That is, we’ll want to care for one another and make meaningful friendships. 

Turns out there’s a whole science behind our love for our ladies! If any of your girls have a summer birthday, then why not use this time to “tend and befriend” her with some truly unique gift ideas? 

Below, we’ll help you generate some birthday gift ideas for your favorite gal pal. 

1. Ponytail Hat

If your friend is a casual, laid-back kind of girl, help her out with a new ponytail hat. You can find a wealth of hats online that convey the right message. 

Then, the next time she’s out running errands, down at the local park, or taking it easy in her backyard, she can shield her face from the sun and still send an adorable message to the world. 

2. Graphic T-Shirt

While on the topic of sending a message, scout the internet for the appropriate t-shirt that conveys the right message. 

The world is full of graphics, mantra shirts, and hoodies. Perhaps you’ll go for something inspirational like “faith over fear.” Or, you might giftwrap something along the lines of “perfectly imperfect.” 

3. Tote Bag or Travel Items

The summer months are known for their fun. If your gal pal is planning a getaway or two, send her off in style. 

Search for a tote bag that can serve as her carry-on on the plane. Since we are talking about the summer, don’t be afraid to look into straw and canvas ideas. 

Or, you can seek out a travel set – something to store her toiletries or jewelry as she hits the road, sets sail on the sea, or soars up into the sky. 

4. Kimono or Kaftan

In the summer months, you definitely want to stick to light and airy attire. A maxi dress is a great place to start. Something long and flowy with the perfect summer pattern would certainly do the trick. 

But, a kimono or kaftan is slightly more forgiving because you don’t have to get the sizing right. Rather, this is something she can slip over her favorite dress, skirt, or denim capris. 

5. Glassware

If your friend loves to entertain, see what you can do to spruce up her summer backyard barbecue parties. 

Whether you’d like to invest in glassware or even plastic cups and plates, there’s a lot you can do to help her turn her backyard into an oasis of fun. 

Consider a nice set with a creative motif or hand-painted design. And, depending on your budget, you can even pair them with a serving tray to help her set out her margaritas and lemonade. 

6. Journal or Stationery

One of the best ways to decompress is with an evening journaling session. The Queen of England is said to have recorded her days in an array of journals throughout the years. 

Encourage your friend to do a little “brain dump” at the end of a hot summer night to clear her mind and reflect on the beauty of life. 

You can even pair her journal with a set of pens, highlighters, or other crafty ideas. 

7. Birthstone Jewelry

The summer months have some of the most fantastic gemstones. May, for example, boasts the gorgeous green emerald. 

Consider a necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings that boast her month of honor. It’ll be a nice keepsake throughout the year, and possibly even a legacy item she’ll hand down to her children. 

8. Essential Oils

Imagine sitting out on the patio with a fan gently swirling the breeze, a cool glass of wine in hand, and a lovely oil diffuser giving off the gentle aroma of peppermint, eucalyptus, or lavender. 

It sets the most glorious scene for an evening nightcap on a hot summer’s night. Don’t hesitate to send your friend a specific oil for a specific need or a small set for her to choose from herself. 

9. Wristlets

Summer tends to be more carefree. As such, we ladies might not want to load ourselves down with a heavy tote bag during our everyday activities or evening dinners on the town. 

Consider picking up a sleek wristlet for your friend. All she’ll need to slip in there is her cash, a few cards, her favorite lip gloss, and a small travel-sized perfume. 

10. Garden Items

Last, but not least, if your friend isn’t much into fashion or accessories, then you can always help her doll up her home in any number of ways. 

Interior ideas abound, from candles to throw blankets. But, since we’re exploring gift giving tips for the summer months, help her dress up her patio or garden space with some new plants, ottomans, or side tables. 

That will be the perfect place to indulge in those afternoon margaritas or glasses of lemonade. 

The Best Summer Birthday Gifts

And there you have it! These are some of the best, most accessible summer birthday gift ideas for your best girl. 

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Go on; indulge your friend this summer. Here at Laura Janelle, we’ll help you shower her in delight and usher in these hot summer months with joy.

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